Great Earning Opportunity For Bloggers: Join Now

Bloggers Join for Earning

Write, tweet, and get paid! It's that simple. Hi friends - Good news for you, and lot of hard work for me! In collaboration with a Media House (based in Mumbai) I will be launching a platform for bloggers very soon. The working model will be very simple - .. Continue

Your Every Blog Post Has A Price Tag: Encash It With Us


Do you know – 70% of blogs die every year due to non-renewal of domain name? The reasons may be anything from unwillingness to spend money… to blogging failure. But one thing is sure – renewal of domain name requires money, right? Another 15 to 20% of blogs die .. Continue

Guest Blogging Is Already Dead As A Link Building Tactic

Death of guest blogging Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web-spam team has put the final nail on the coffin by saying - if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Check out his blog post published on Jan 20, 2014, on his personal .. Continue

3 Business Lessons Learnt From Arvind Kejriwal’s Super Success

Arvind Kejriwal Lessons Learnt

A common man with a dream, handfull of followers, and a great strategy in hand – Kejriwal made the Indian Politics upside-down, and became the Chief Minister of Delhi. From “Zero to Hero” within a few months! Isn’t it a miracle? For the last 6 decades there was .. Continue

14 Must Have WordPress Plugins For 2014

Must have WordPress Plugins 2014

It's difficult to imagine a WordPress blog without plugins. It's also true that most of the bloggers use excessive plugins on their blogs; even though they are not so essential to run their blogs optimally. No doubt, for a WordPress blog “functionality means .. Continue

Google Shouldn’t Run After Authority Signal So Madly…


Matt Cutts, the head of Google's web-spam team has been telling for the past 6 months or so, on multiple occasions, that how their engineers are working hard to integrate "authority or subject authority" as a ranking signal for ranking web content. Basically, instead .. Continue

20 Best Blog Posts Of 2013 For SEOs And Bloggers

Year 2013 in review

It's time to learn from past history (or past mistakes) to prepare the digital marketing road-map for year 2014. History is the best teacher. That's why there is a saying that "Turn the pages and run the world." In the ever changing world of SEO, if you think year .. Continue

The Truth Behind “Crunchy Numbers”

Blowing own trumpet

Imagine you've just started getting 1 million hits/day on your blog! Because, the Big G has updated one algo which favoured you unexpectedly, or you played an seo trick which Danny Sullivan or even Matt Cutts are not aware off, or you simply  stumbled-upon over .. Continue

Short Blog Posts Or In-depth… What’s Your Choice?

Long Vs Short

Since the introduction of “In-depth Articles Section” by Google; the blogging world, copy-writing community and content marketers are in a frenzy. They are working hard, stretching their concepts of the articles as much as possible to make them at least 2200 words .. Continue