14 Must Have WordPress Plugins For 2014

It’s difficult to imagine a WordPress blog without plugins.

It’s also true that most of the bloggers use excessive plugins on their blogs; even though they are not so essential to run their blogs optimally.

No doubt, for a WordPress blog “functionality means plugin.” But, that doesn’t mean – adding more number of plugins do good for your WordPress blog. 2 Important -Ve aspects of WordPress plugins are – Vulnerability (prone to hacking) & Slow Page-loading.

I’ve compiled a list of 14 Top WordPress plugins from their respective categories which are essential for your WordPress blog. I’ve excluded Akismet from the list, because we can’t call it an essential plugin; infact, I think – it (Akismet) is a part of WordPress software. The first thing I do after installing a fresh copy of WordPress is “adding Akismet” to keep the spammers at the bay. But yes, I use GASP along with Akismet for better results.

Akismet + GASP = Kick-ass Spam Control

1. WordPress Backup to Dropbox: Regular backing-up your WordPress blog is a must. And this plugin is by far the best in backup business. Compatible with the latest WordPress version, and a great support from the plugin author (Michael De Wildt) for any doubt makes it more interesting.

2. Better WP Security: Protecting your WordPress blog from hackers should be your top priority. This is an easy to use yet efficient plugin to secure your WordPress blog.

3. W3 Total cache: A fast loading blog ranks higher in search results. And it also makes your visitors happy. Whether you’re using this plugin alone, or with a premium CDN service; this is a must have plugin for your blog.

4. WordPress SEO by Yoast: It’s a great plugin for all your SEO needs. If you are blogging at least for 6 months or so – you should go for SEO by Yoast. It’s like a premium WordPress Plugin for FREE!

5. Jetpack: This is a great plugin from WordPress.com. Prepared by almost 42 authors including Matt Mullenweg – this free plugin adds multiple functionalities to your blog.

6. Slick Social Share Buttons: Providing an easy way to share your blog content in different social media networks by your readers is important for 2 things – Traffic & Ranking. I’m personally using this plugin on my WordPress blog (SEOHour) – you can see the plugin live on the left side of your screen.

7. Google XML Sitemaps: A sitemap helps crawling and indexing of your blog content easy for search engine bots. And this plugin do its job quite efficiently. If you’re not using “WordPress SEO by Yoast” then you should definitely go for it.

8. AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring Plugin: Getting an AdSense account is not an easy job these days. And protecting it from click-frauds is even difficult. This plugin protects your Google AdSense account effectively.

9. Relevanssi: If you are using a search box for site search, then you should use Relevanssi to make your search results more relevant. It works out of the box – while showing search results from your own blog.

10. WordPress Related Posts: By using this plugin you can give your readers more choice to explore other related content on your blog. It increases your page views and decrease the bounce rate.

11. Redirection: Redirecting 404 Error pages to appropriate content by 301 Permanent redirection is really easy with this WordPress plugin. Without touching your Apache and .htaccess files you can fix the 404 Errors in minutes.

12. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam: Have you noticed – How spam-bots register themselves as users on your WordPress blog? By adding a CAPTCHA on the registration form make your life more easy. Though, adding a CAPTCHA to add comments is debatable.

13. Broken Link Checker: This plugin helps you to check your blog content for “broken links and missing images,” so that you can fix them ASAP. Improve the user experience of your blog by using this plugin.

14. DISQUS Comment System: If you want to make your blog comment section more interactive by leveraging a large Disqus Community – then this plugin is for you.

Do you use any of the above 14 WordPress plugins on your blog?

Wish you a Happy And Prosperous New Year May 2014 brings server-crashing traffic to your blog;)


  1. says

    Hello Akash,
    Really a nice list of plugins to increase blog ranking as well as security. What do you think about Google authorship tool ? I am facing some error in Google rich snippets tools, can you help me to solve it…

    • says

      Hi Sekhar,

      I’m glad you liked the plugin list. The purposes of Disqus & CommentLuv commenting systems/plugins are different. Disqus has wider acceptance than CommentLuv due to various reasons. I’m a fan of CommentLuv because it fulfills my all needs :)

  2. says

    Hello Akash,

    Very great list of plugins, You know I wasn’t aware of few of the plugins mentioned above. Like backup to dropbox and I must say it’s a great plugin which save lot of effort and time.


  3. says

    Nice post, I’m gonna use Slick Social Share Buttons as I was searching for a new social buttons for my new blog.

    Thanks for the list of plugins

  4. says

    A great list, thank you! I certainly agree on the comments section addition – Disqus. Most blogs still have irritating comments sections. Or they’ve switched to a Google+ powered one, which many seem to be unsure of.

    Disqus is quick and easy to use, and it’s also very easy to follow up on debates when people respond to you.

    Other than this my, WordPress blog needs an overhaul in the New Year. I’ll be adding a bunch of these, thank you!

  5. says

    Thanks Akash, for posting these great wordpress plugins. Although I have used some of the plugins you stated here, I will definitely try out the rest of the list. Hope to hear more posts from you. :)

  6. says

    Hey Akash,

    Well I’ve haven’t been using lot of plugin lately because I’m not a big fan of plugins. But this list of plugins will surely get some effect my blog and I hope to get some outcome.


  7. says

    Great list, but I think you should add another great plugin.. Slimstat.. it’s an really great and powerful tool to analyse the web traffic!

  8. says

    Akash I think “Seo By Yoast” Is The Best Plug-in Ever Made . Its A Great Plug-in For WordPress Users And I Think You Have To Promote It In A Separate Post..All The Plug-Ins You Have Mentioned Are Awesome And I I’m Using Most Of Them..Keep it Up..

  9. says

    Good list of WordPress plugins covered by your here in this post. Thanks for the providing this nice list of plugins. It would be helpful for blogger who are thinking to move to WordPress or thinking to setup new blog on it like me.

    All these almost the essential for every blog.

  10. says

    Thanks for this awesome list but akash you could also add WP Super Cache as an alternative for W3, bcz not all the bloggers are pro to setup W3, what says ?

  11. says

    This article is outstanding. Thank you for sharing helpful information about plugins with us. I am visiting this blog on a daily basis and I am finding extremely helpful article each time. Keep working on this and thank you once again.

  12. says

    Hey Akash,
    nice post and Thanks for sharing this list of plugins with us. Plugins are very important factor in blogging and helps us in many ways. Most of the plugins which you listed above are currently using by me but some are not and They also seems interesting. This post really gonna help many newbies.

  13. says

    A nice list of plugins but I think you missed any plugins to fight spam comments. Captcha might become frustrating for users if enabled on the comment form. I think you should add “Stop Spam Comments” to the list too.

  14. says

    Hello Akash,

    Really nice post and useful information about plugin .. it will helpful for Bloggers as well as me a lot.
    Thanx again.

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