Your Every Blog Post Has A Price Tag: Encash It With Us

Priceless Blog PostsDo you know – 70% of blogs die every year due to non-renewal of domain name?

The reasons may be anything from unwillingness to spend money… to blogging failure. But one thing is sure – renewal of domain name requires money, right?

Another 15 to 20% of blogs die due to nonpayment of web-hosting fee or web-space. Again, in this case the main constraint is money.

So one thing is clear – A blog, or a blogger needs money to survive. I’m not saying every blogger blogs for money, or every blogger should blog for money only. After all it’s a personal choice.

The very meaning of blogging is “maintaining an online diary about a topic which you’re passionate about.”

Blogging is like – Living your passion, and at the same time sharing your thoughts and experiences with other like-minded people via online world.

So blogging is considered one of the beautiful online-thing and an effective way to gain more knowledge about your passion while sharing and teaching others.

How much have you earned till date?      

Do you remember – How happy :) you were when you got your first AdSense cheque?

I still remember, when I got my first AdSense cheque, I showed it to all my friends telling them “look, this is a cheque from Google, the search engine which you use every single day, and you can’t live without.” Everybody became surprised, and happy too. This was a proud moment for me.

As a professional medical practitioner I earn 1000s of $s every month. But that 110$ cheque from Google was memorable for me. It was a red letter day for me. Because I earned it from blogging (my passion).

You are invited…

Now I’m talking about bloggers who have decided to earn money from blogging, or joined the blogging band-wagon with sole intention of earning money. If you’re not in this league – you can quit reading the rest of the post.

First of all – earning money by blogging is not a child’s play. It requires hardwork, passion, solid strategy, and a bit of luck. Wouldn’t you be happy if you earn few dollars by writing an advertorial to renew your domain name? Wouldn’t you be happy if your earn some more dollars to pay your web-hosting fee?

Your every blog post has a price tag

Friends – keeping this thing in mind, I’m going to launch a platform where a blogger can earn every time he or she blogs something on a given topic. Because every piece she writes has a price tag. Some amount of mental and physical labor attached to it. Apart from passion, brainstorming and the whole thought process.

I don’t believe in “Blogging Contest” usually organized by and likes. Here, two people become happy – the advertiser & the prize winner(s). That’s all. The rest of the contestants return empty handed. Sometimes even without a consolation prize!

Don’t you think your labor went in vain? Don’t you think your labor has a price tag?

To reward every blogger for their work we’re going to launch a unique platform where you can earn more than 10$ for each piece of blog you write. You can earn even more for promoting on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

We care our bloggers and our clients

And in exchange – We don’t ask you for a link. You have to “rel=nofollow” your advertorial link as per our policy. As a responsible SEO practitioner I respect “Google’s Quality Guidelines for Webmaster.” We are the 1st media house in the world going to make all our advertorials “nofollow.” And we are proud of that.

Why “nofollowing” links, when it carry some amount of link juice?

Our thinking is simple – You can’t make a temple on a disputed land forever. We care our bloggers (blogging members) as much as we care our clients (advertisers). We don’t want to put our bloggers in jeopardy for link trading. That’s why we use “nofollow” tag for all the links. To keep you safe and secure.

We Are For A Long-haul

We don’t believe in short-term gain, or business. That’s the reason we’ve decided to implement the 2 above mentioned rules for all our bloggers. I’m repeating it again below:

1. All the bloggers (100%) will be paid for their blog posts.

2. All the links on the blog posts will be “rel=nofollow.”

If you agree with me, and really want to earn from your blogging efforts – then join this unique platform today. Because we’re recruiting on first-come-first-serve basis.

For more info (FAQs) you can check out this post…  Great Earning Opportunity For Bloggers – Join Now

How to join

To join – please fill-up the form below with your short bio. We’re planning to showcase all our blogging members. So don’t forget to send a photograph of yourself to (at least 200 x 200 px).

It will be more fun, if you work (blog) with your friends. So share this message in your social circle by clicking the Facebook, Twitter and G+ icons on the left of your PC/Laptop.

I’m Dr. Akash KB… Signing out from Hope you will encash this opportunity by joining this unique platform…

Till then… Happy Blogging :)


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    This is a good opportunity for people who blog for money because it optimizes their time. You said 100% they earn money for their blog, more than10$ a piece. That is amazing. Good luck to your business and thank you for providing more work for people because of the high unemployment rate these days. Retirement plans for dummies, get a job first from Dr. Akash KB. Then hopefully you can retire by blogging. Are you putting up a new and separate website for your unique platform?

  2. says

    Hello Akash,

    Looks wonderful, Yeah of course every blog has its own price and I think would depends on it’s earning.

    Thanks for share

  3. says

    I agree with you about the fact that though we write out of passion, the labour we put in each blog post is definitely worth monetary gain and it would not be too selfish to ask for it :)

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