Backup Facebook Messages – Easy Steps

Everyday you spend some time on Facebook. Uploads photos, share thoughts, run contest or poll, and send messages to your near and dear.

Have you ever think of storing or creating a backup of these memorable moments? May be your answer is yes, but you don’t know how to backup all the Facebook messages, right?

Interestingly, Facebook has the inbuilt data storage facility without any 3rd party application. So, you can store all of your messages (content) on Facebook easily without using any 3rd party application.

Sounds great ! Let’s do it…

Procedure: Log In to your Facebook account —> Click on the drop down menu next to your name/Home in the top right corner —> Account setting —>Download a copy of your Facebook data ” under General account setting —> Click on Start my archive —> You will receive an Email when your archive is ready for download —> Follow the instructions —> Voila ! Download begins….

The downloaded archive contains an HTML version of your Facebook account which you can store locally. Save the backup data carefully.


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