3mik – Share and Discover Interesting Stuff

3mik.comAre you a shopaholic, or a fashion addict, or a traveling bird?

No matter, whatever you are. There is something or else for you on 3mik.com.

It’s a site, where you can share your stuff with people out there. Any thing and everything – A pic of your favorite puppy to your picturesque holiday destination on a web page.

3mik is just like a different World out there. Where you can discover unique and interesting  stuff, know where they are available (shop, mall or a blog) and feedback from other users.

For example: You are interested in buying a cushion cover. You can search and find various designs and see where they are available or listed, which can be an online store or a blog or a mall or a shop in your locality. You can also inquire more, or mention any feedback for the product you like.

Most interestingly, it’s a platform to follow and network with like minded people or users who share similar interests.


3mik.com - Share and Discover Interesting Stuff

The UI (user interface) and usability is awesome for all the activities like sharing, discovering or networking.

Joining 3mik.com is just 2 Clicks away and takes only 2 mins. of your time. You have the option to login via your other social media credentials like Facebook, Twitter or Gmail.

Join 3mikJoining and exploring 3mik is sheer fun! So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try.


Saurabh Srivastava is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur and has also studied at IIM Calcutta. He has worked with industry leaders like Infosys, Franklin Templeton, Ness and TCG Software. He has also been involved in 7avenues, a startup having ventures in retail, agriculture and others.

Rajeev has worked at multinationals/start-ups like Citrix, Oracle, MBT, Everypath and Indigene in senior positions. He has studied at IIT Kanpur and IIM Bangalore. The duo were batch-mates at IIT Kanpur.

  • http://darktips.com Hyder

    looks like the site is inspired from Pinterest :)

    • http://moneyctl.com Nandita B.

      Hi Hyder,

      It’s like Indian Pinterest with a little twist.


  • http://whattaf.com Pressa

    it sure is a Pinterest inspired site, no doubt, but it is nothing wrong with getting inspired by others=)

    • http://moneyctl.com Nandita B.

      Hi Pressa,

      Well said. It’s true that – Everybody and everything inspired by something or else.


  • http://tomaltman.com tom altman

    Sometimes things get interesting when there is more competition – the question I have is what they are solving that Pinterest is not going to do?

  • http://www.itechcode.com/2012/07/10/justretweet-an-awesome-tool-to-get-more-retweet-twitter-followers/ Amit Shaw

    Hello Nandita,

    This is an offbeat post from you. I am relaxed after reading this post. Coming to my addiction, I am addicted to learning new things. So, we need to explore 3mik.com and see what we can share with others. An interesting one.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • http://www.3mik.com sanjeev jha

      We at 3mik.com don’t believe in being different.

      3mik.com is pretty similar to pinterest in concept and we accept that. Similarly Fancy and Svpply are similar in concept to pinterest,then why we need them? This space has huge potential and many more players will join this space . Every one will do the same thing .

      Its not about being different ,its about doing the same thing more efficiently. This is my personal view and people have right to differ.

      Sanjeev Jha (Founder 3mik.com)

  • http://www.shalusharma.com Shalu Sharma

    Interesting site, I had quick look and I would be interested in joining the site. In the first instance it does look like pinterest. How many members does it have in total?

    • http://moneyctl.com Nandita B.

      Hi Shalu,

      Thanks for joining 3mik.com. And, about the number of total members on the site :

      This is just like asking a girl about her age! THANKS.

  • http://www.locksmithfulham.info/ Mohammad


    I have visited 3mik.com.It is interesting site.I think we should have no problem if it is similar to pinterest.