7 Hot Spots of Your Website [ INFOGRAPHIC ]

Hot Spot of your websiteDo you know the HOT SPOTS of your website or blog?

‘First impression is the last impression’ is exactly the phrase, when it comes to ‘Impressing your visitors with the design and looks of your website.’

A good first impression leads to trust, and trust leads to a long lasting bond for the future.

Via the below INFOGRAPHIC, we will dig-out which are the elements or hot spots of your website, which make the biggest impression.

This INFOGRAPHIC called The Power of a First Impression is produced by Webs.com based on a recent eye-tracking study conducted by the Missouri University of Science and Technology depicting:

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First IMPRESSIONS of your website

An attractive professional LOGO, use of good  and soothing colors on your site ( usually 2 to 3 colors, with one dominant color), and better use of images makes a great first impression of your website, when a visitor visits your site for the first time.

Of course, content is most important to keep them glued.

  • http://amazingbloggers.net/ Simmeon

    I like blogs that are neutral, so anything that’s mostly white and a flash of another colour. For me I look at the navigation and logo, I don’t think I’ve ever used the “search” on a blog just look at past posts.

    • http://moneyctl.com Nandita B.

      Hi Simmeon,

      Whenever I want to dig something deeper (research), I always use the Search Box of that websites (authoritative). Lots of other bloggers also do this.

      It usually saves lots of time from aimless surfing for facts, figures and contents.

      Thanks for sharing your view.

  • http://www.web-design-expert.com/ Aditi Datta

    Hey Nandita,
    I must appreciate the inforgraphic that you have shared. Yes, I do feel the same that the first thing a visitor’s eye gets attracted to the site is the logo and an unique title describing the site. Isn’t that so? Well, I really find your inforgraphic very informative and helpful too. Thanks for the share!!

  • http://akhilendra.com/ akhilendra

    Damn good info-graphics, this piece of information is vital for any blog’s success. Site’s header is a very important section. It can really attract or distract your visitor.

  • http://hvac-system-basics.blogspot.com/ pakblogger2012

    Design and look is the first thing which impresses visitor.
    But the visitor is not on particular page to see how it looks but obviously for quality contents of that page.
    At the same time look of page keeps visitor there for longer time and attracts to visit that website again and again.
    Lovely points mentioned above in post to get and maintain visitors.
    Thanks Nandita.You always rock

  • http://ikinciel-esya-alinir-satilir.blogspot.com sami

    thank you nandita

    Design and look is the first thing which impresses visitor