Backup Your Twitter – Easy Way to Backup Tweets

Tweets or Twitter Messages backupHave you ever think of backup your Twitter account? Do you know Twitter deletes your old tweets regularly? Yes, only 3,200 of your most recent tweets are available online, rest are gone for ever.

If, today you will backup your witty one-liners with full of wisdom , then tomorrow your grandson might read that tweets and impressed. Otherwise, the naughty little blue bird will happily delete your tweets every morning after crossing 3,200 tweets.

Luckily, there are few good services available to backup and preserve your valuable tweets.

1. TweetBackup: You can Sign-up this service with your Twitter account and it will backup your tweets as and when you tweet. The twitter Outh will authorize the application and you are ready to start the backup. Click on the export  tab on the user interface and start exporting your tweets as plain text or HTML.

2. BackupMyTweets: Here you have to tweet a message for the service before starting the backup process. You can browse and search your tweets easily on its service, after the completion of backup procedure.

Isn’t it easy to backup twitter?