Dissecting a Blogger’s Brain for Better Blogging [INFOGRAPHIC]

Better Blogging INFOGRAPHICHave you ever thought – Why you are blogging? If your answer is ‘to maintain your personal diary’, then you are lying for sure!

When a newbie blogger plans to start a blog or a blogging career, there are zillions of questions and doubts go through his mind and brain.

Starting a blog and continuing for initial 4 to 6 months successfully is not a child’s play.

Lots of bloggers make simple mistakes while starting and suffer a lot for the rest of their career. If they would have chosen a perfect blogging niche or theme, or a perfect Domain Name for their blog, or a right web-hosting; then their carrier might have been rocking today!!

Today we will dissect a newbie blogger’s brain to know – The doubts, conflicts and myths go through his brain in the initial days of his blogging, and their solutions, to evolve as a better blogger.

This beautiful and informative INFOGRAPHIC is prepared by Infolinks.com to guide and save newbie bloggers from blogging disasters, in their initial blogging career.

Newbie Bloggers and Blogging Mistakes INFOGRAPHIC

Have you gone through any of the above dilemmas in your initial blogging career for which you are repenting now?


  1. says

    Yes I did went through all these dilemmas in my initial blogging career but I am not repenting now coz i stuck around kept writing and finally my site is getting some recognition… Its is a hard world arnd and u hv to keep trying to make your site famous…

    P.S. Nice Graphic… Enjoyed reading through it :)

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