Facebook Timeline : How to Disable

Facebook Timeline DisableSince the introduction of  “Timeline Interface” by Facebook lots of users have enabled this feature.

Although most of the Facebook users are happy with the Timeline feature, few users want to get back to their old look by disabling this feature.

Because maximum people use the browser Firefox and Chrome, so I will tell you – How to disable Facebook Timeline if you are using Firefox and Chrome as your browser.

Facebook Timeline Disable – Firefox 

Open your Firefox browser —> Go to Tools —> Add-ons —> Get Add-ons —> Search for User Agent Switcher via Search Box on right top —> Click on Install ( User Agent Switcher ) —> Click Restart Now —> Right click on the Navigation bar and select Customize —> Drag and Drop User Agent Switcher Add-ons to the  navigation bar —> click on Done —> Tools —> Default User Agent —> Internet Explorer 7 —> Now Go to Facebook —> Voila ! See Your old Facebook Profile, not the Facebook Timeline.

User Agent Switcher Add-ons Firefox

Look at my old Facebook Layout :

Facebook Layout Old

Facebook Timeline Disable – Chrome

Right Click on the Google Chrome icon on your Desktop —> Select Properties —> Copy and Paste the following CODE in the Target Box at the end of the existing path with a SPACE between chrome.exe and the CODE —> Click on Apply —> Click on OK —> Now, go to Facebook —> Log in to your account —> Refresh your Profile —> See your old Facebook layout

CODE for Windows Vista and Windows 7

--user-agent="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)"

CODE for Windows XP

--user-agent="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1)"

The Target Box should look like

--user-agent="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0)"

So, disable/remove your Facebook Timeline on Firefox or Chrome easily, following the above steps.

If, for any reason you want to Enable Facebook Timeline then read – Facebook Timeline : How to Enable


    • says

      By Left Clicking the ” User Agent Switcher ” from the Customize Toolbar Pop-up and dragging it to the Navigation Bar of your browser.

      Sorry for the delay answering your doubt.

  1. Sarah says

    I want to recover my old facebook, not to hide the timeline just for me…
    Anybady can see my timeline… dammm you did’t nothing Pfff

  2. Yamini says

    It works great with Firefox but when you use chrome it didn’t worked….
    The Facebook Timeline feature is now rolling out and will be default for everyone….
    I want remove Timeline forever…..

  3. Uyanga says

    I don’t see any navigation bar i stopped at step of right click on the Navigation bar. and there was not any Customize? please help me i want to remove timeline this is annoying

  4. Crystal says

    How do I change the settings so that my Facebook friends can see the old layout as well? I am using the Mozilla Firefox browser.

    • says

      Nope, this set up is only for Firefox. But, tomorrow I will publish – How to remove/disable Facebook timeline, if you are using Crome and Inter Explorer. Take care Edy !

  5. syam says

    thank you……my timeline removed already…..and also please explain how to removed facebook timeline if using chrome….

  6. amy says

    its not working in firefox i installed the switcher and it said it wasn’t compatible with firefox 9.01 or something like that. and it doesn’t work at all in chrome…please help i’m so mad i want to delete my fb page completely!

    • says

      It is disabled for ‘ You ‘ and those who have disabled their timeline. By implementing the steps described above, you are modifying a little bit in your browser, therefore sending a signal to facebook – not to display the Timeline.

      Take care Aswa.

  7. Ramy says

    i did it and the result was success ,, but there is a problem and that when i open my profile or any page on facebook there is a big space in the top of the page ,, please help me to remove this space ..

    • 30STM says

      Yeah that problem i have too .. a big space .. btw i have another problem too .. when i open mozila and then my facebook profile i still have the timline since i press on the icon Default user agent who is in grey color and than he become blue … and than Internet Explorer 7 .. and than is okey.. the thing is Will i always need to press that !? .. crz with time will get anoying..

  8. Oliver CS says

    another problem….. when i open it to another internet shop, it came back with the timeline………… ……….

    • says

      Hi Usama.

      ## Left Click the ” User Agent Switcher ” on the Customize Toolbar Pop-up and drag it to the Navigation Bar of your browser.

      Hope, you successfully disabled the Facebook Timeline.

  9. irish says

    helwo im irish can you help me to out this time line… i want to back may old setting in fb.. pls.. answer me now.. i want to out =this timeline i very hate this setting i dont like i cannot enjoy.

  10. matar says

    PLZ ANy one can help i follow all the steps
    in chrome but there is no change :(
    any 1 can help me to remove the time line

    • says

      Hi Matar, Pls send me an Email and tell me – where exactly you are having the problem while following the steps to disable the Facebook timeline. B’cos, if you follow the steps properly then it’s working.

  11. abby says

    I am using internet explorer. please help me to disable my facebook timeline..so bored and its very annoying…thanks a lot!

  12. says

    Why don’t you try your luck on Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Follow the above mentioned steps, and if you face any problem then drop a message here.

  13. Ted Johnston says

    I downloaded this a few weeks ago and all was well, it disabled timeline on my friends pages up until sunday last
    now it is not working at all
    Have facebook actually gone to the trouble of enabling timeline in IE6-7 ?

  14. says

    Good post. This is just a trick which creates an illusion of timeline removal. Our friends, who do not know/disable about this, would still see our timeline :(

  15. Rachel says

    it doesn’t work. i’ve tried it many times. anyhow, i was gonna try the softonic timeline-disabling program, but i was afraid downloading it would give me a virus. help, pls.

  16. Fenbsion says

    It doesn’t work since user agent switcher 0.7.3 is no longer available when I sarch it. Please let me know what is the up-to-date method to remove that timeline

  17. sleAnn says

    Hi, Is there a way to remove the damn Timeline on MAC, I can’t begin describing how much I hate it. The first few wks we had a choice to get it or not & i didn’t want it but now, we’re not given a choice!!!! I hate it, it sucks!!!

    • RK says

      SleAnn, the remove-timeline videos on youtube (using chrome & firefox) don’t work anymore. they used to, & that’s how i was able to shift back to the regular one. for now, what you can do is use the single-column option found on the top of your wall–that would make your posts less confusing imo. hope that works for you.

  18. says

    Unfortunately, it does not seem to work anymore. Timeline is still appearing but the layout is completely broken.
    Oh well , I guess it’s time for us to get accustomed to changes even if we hate it :)

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