Future of Blogging – Bright, Dark or Dead ?

Future of BloggingBloggers, specially newbie bloggers always ask a question “What is the future of blogging?”

Is the future of bloggers are dark? Is the future of blogging is dead? These are few questions every bloggers asks, more than once, during their blogging career.

In 2006 -2007, when social media sites like Facebook and Twitter became immensely popular, people started telling – Future of blogging is bleak, it’s almost dead!

Casual or part time bloggers left blogging and joined the 140 Characters Only-microblogging site Twitter. Instead of writing blog posts, they became busy building their friends list on Facebook.

They thought blogging is dead.

Were they in illusion? Did they see the future of blogging correctly?

Lets talk about 2010 – 2011. When millions of blogs flooded in the blogosphere, due to advancements in blogging platforms, and with easy availability, people again talked about the death of blogs and blogging career.

For every GLOOM, there is a BOOM, followed by DOOM.

Just wait and watch, after 5 years, again people will tell future of blogging is dark, blogging is dead, and bla, bla, bla…

Let me define, what is blogging – This is an act of expressing or sharing of knowledge, independently, in world-wide-web via a blogging platform or software.

Now, the question is – Why web-surfers visit blogs? It’s simple. To gain knowledge, to collect information, and to interact with bloggers who are experts in their niche.

I will ask you one question – Do you think web-surfers or human beings will stop searching for online-knowledge and information, in the coming decades?

If your answer is NO, then you got the answer for the perennial question “What is the future of blogging?”

{ For your info, Blogging is going through adolescent period. }

5 Reasons – Why the Future of Blogging is Bright?

1. Ever increasing internet penetration: The rate at which internet is penetrating the villages of developing countries is exponential.

Take for example – Indian Villages. Out of total population of 1200 million (India), 900 million stay in villages. And, the internet penetration in Indian villages is 20% only.

Can you imagine the internet traffic, if another 80% of Indian villagers will access internet in near future? It will be much more than the combined internet population of US and UK.

There are 100s of countries in the World, where rural internet penetration has been very fast, due to advancement in telecommunication.

Will these people not seek for online information or blogs?

2. Easy availability of net-surfing devices: The explosion of mobile devices like laptop, tablet and smart-phone are also a main reason for increase in  internet traffic.

Every other person is having a piece of gadget in his hand, due to reduced price, a result of increase competition in electronics market.

Accessing internet on-the-go is quite common these days. Will these people not search for the treasure of online information on blogosphere?

3. Better and more accurate search engines: Google has come a long way since its infancy.

The quality of search results it gives for each query is phenomenal. So also the indexation of contents from blogs and websites.

Faith of people on search engines is increasing day by day, due to better user experience.

No matter, whether it is informational query or transactional query, Google has something or else for every web-searchers.

4. Increasing online Ad spending by companies: With the increase of online traffic and sales, online Ad spending is on a rise.

Every corporate houses are trying to put a firm foot on the online world. Consumers are also feeling safe while buying online products these days.

Professional bloggers are earning 1000s of dollars every month from online Ads. And, they will continue to earn more with increase Ad spending.

Money is a big motivator. So, it will continue motivating bloggers.

5. Advance features and innovations of blogging platforms: The blogging platforms of today like WordPress ans Blogger are state-of-the-art.

Due to better UI (user interface) and ease of use, webmasters are embracing blogging platforms, instead of the age-old methods of hosting websites.

Online publication houses and content firms are opting for blogging platforms, instead of usual websites.

Don’t you think, the future of blogging is bright, from the above 5 reasons?

Look, blog is a medium of online content publication. If the online traffic and spending increase in future, why not bloggers, and the future of blogging?

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  1. says

    I agree with you Blogging wont ever go out of fashion.. The only thing which may happen is the competition may increase many folds in future.. But one need not worry about it until he/she is able to give valuable info to his/her readers…

  2. says

    Blogging is indeed here to stay especially those who are blogging passionately and are providing real value to readers.

    I also like the fact that blogging platforms are developing means and ways to improve user experience to encourage a lot more people to try blogging today.

  3. says

    You know, I am very, very passionate about blogging. I only wish I had started sooner, as I’m in a very competitive niche, but I believe that those who are persistent will see good results from blogging, even when there is a lot of competition.

  4. says

    Hello Nandita,

    This is one of the most sensible posts I read so far.Blogging is here to stay. It is just a baseless fear of a few people who probably are not focussed. We all enjoying blogging and it is a great platform to pen our thoughts and views about contemporary issues.


  5. says


    Phew! I am relieved reading this post. I use my blog like an archive mainly and don’t use face book so couldn’t connect to your other posts.
    But neatly arranged and good luck for a bright future in blogging.


  6. says

    I must say a really exciting topic to talk about which is future of blogging. The competition in blogging field is increasing as more and more people have started to start blogging seeing its various benefits.

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