Google Consumer Surveys – Webmaster Guide

Google Consumer SurveysGoogle has come up with a tool, in the name of Google Consumer Surveys to organize and en-cash the age-old market survey sector. Google promises a Fast-Affordable-Accurate market research for companies of all sizes.

On the other hand, this new tool not only empowers the general  consumers  but also opens up a gateway of earning for webmasters or publishers.

How Google Consumer Surveys works

1. Small and medium to large companies create online market surveys to know their consumers better.

2. People or web-surfers complete the micro-survey by answering few simple questions to access premium content like e-magazine, newsletter, tutorials, freebies etc; which otherwise requires a registration (free) or a subscription with a micro payment.

3. Webmasters or publishers get paid when visitors complete  surveys on their websites or blogs.

4. The surveyors or companies get an in-depth analysis of highly aggregated data to better read their consumer’s mind.

Google Consumer Surveys Example

Cost of Google Consumer Surveys

1. Targeting General Population: A surveyor pay US$ 0.10 / response or US$ 150.00 / 1500 responses, if the survey is targeted towards general population of a country, continent or worldwide.

2. Demographic Targeting: A surveyor pay US$ 0.50 / response or US$ 750.00 / 1500 responses, if the survey is targeted towards a specific age group, gender and geographic region like Northeast, South or West of US.

Leading and early clients: Timbuk2, 479° Popcorn, King Arthur, lucky Brand Jeans, Kasa Indian Eatery and Reorient are the early birds for the Google Consumer Surveys.

Publishers: Interested webmasters or publishers may apply for Google Consumer surveys by filling the online form.


Companies: Web-surfers are always in a hurry to find the desired and correct information or content. So, to cross the pay-wall in a shortest possible time, their responses will be bound to be biased. The survey questions should be interesting, provocative, specific, simple and easy for a better result.

Publishers: Who should be the publishers? If you offer premium content and it (cost) matches the payout of Google for the consumer surveys, then you are the right candidate. If you don’t offer premium content and still want adopt the tool, then visitors will definitely shy away. Chances are that, they may not visit your site in the feature due to the retained -ve online memory.

Consumers: Consider yourself a consumer as well as a web-surfer. And, ask yourself  “ Should I invest some time (minutes or seconds) to help-out the company ” to access the online content, which is not so premium and available freely on other websites and blogs. The answer is obviously “ No ”. Unless and until you came across a survey of your favorite brand (McDonald’s Burger or RayBan etc). Yes, if the content offered is really premium, then visitors will be happy to complete the surveys, there by increasing your revenue day by day.

Before adopting the Google’s new kid – Google Consumer Surveys, as a webmaster, you have to analyze your website content. If the content qualify as premium, then only put a pay-wall for your visitors. Otherwise, you might loose your valuable regular visitors.

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