Instagram in London Olympics 2012 – InstaGold INFOGRAPHIC

Instagram in London-Olympic 2012 INSTAGold InfographicWhen it comes to image sharing in  Social Media, Instagram rules.

It also became an winner in the London Olympics 2012.

A whooping 100,000 images shared by users from the games in last couple of weeks.

Players and athletes have posted images from their living rooms in Olympic village. And, these photographs were a distant reach for their fan and followers earlier.

Journalists were also not far behind, uploaded tons of casual yet memorable photos via Instagram.

650,000 photos have been posted with the #Olympics hash-tag, 263,000 have been uploaded with the #London2012 hash-tag and 27,000 photos have been uploaded with the hash-tag #Michaelphelps.

7,600 photos have been shared from the Olympic Stadium itself., a Social Media Tracking Site has prepared an INFOGRAPHIC called “INSTAGOLD for London 2012” to track all the image sharing statistics for INSTAGRAM.

Use of Instagram in London Olympic 2012 INSTAGold Infographic

What’s your take on Instagram? Do you use it to share photos with your friends?


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