What Is Smaller Than Mark Zuckerberg [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mark ZuckerbergA guy, 28 yrs only.

Once upon a time (2004) ….he along with few of his Harvard College roommates, created a programme called Facemash. It was meant for users to rate photos of students against each other, and choose the most attractive person.

Facemash was shutdown, the guy also left Harvard. But, where is he now? What is he doing?

Hey, he is sitting on a bigger Apps, worth 100 billion $.

The application which started as Facemash, launched from his dormitory room is now Facebook!

With a personal fortune of 19.1 billion $, without an MBA degree…he is the man whom every MBA student and every business man envy.

Below INFOGRAPHIC is produced by MBAOnline.com which tells – How different things look smaller in front of Mark Elliot Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg INFOGRAPHIC

  • http://tomaltman.com tom altman

    There has to be a joke or reference to that guy he screwed over in the process – what, he ended up being worth like 2% of what he started with?

    • http://moneyctl.com Nandita B.

      Hi Tom,

      As usual…a good one.

  • http://www.ianswer4u.com IAnswer4U

    He is one guy who doesn’t need to show his educational qualifications for others to take note.. A role model for innoventors..

    • http://moneyctl.com Nandita B.

      Do you know – Why most of the genius are school or college drop-outs?

  • http://www.locksmithfulham.info/ Mohammad


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  • http://expertxteriors.com/Siding.html Vincent

    Cool blog post. Creatively done too. It’s all about genius and attitude I must say. Zuckerberg seems shy on camera, but I bet he’s one hell of a personality off cam. Always think outside the box for the convenience of people (for goodness sake ultimately) and you’ll be able to keep your business for eternity.