Send a Physical Postcard from your Facebook Photos

Facebook Postcard ServiceNow you can send physical postcards to your dear friends from your Facebook photo gallery.

Facebook is working on a feature, which will transform your chosen photograph in to a postcard, where you can add a custom message along with your friend’s physical address, and which can be sent in a physical form.

This Facebook Postcard service is powered by, which allows you to send Instagram photos as post cards via an Apps called Postagram for US$ 0.99.

Send Physical Post Card from Facebook

The thick, glossy photo postcard will be just like normal postcard, with the Facebook photo and address on the front, and your personalized message on the back.

This Facebook postcard can be delivered in any countries (International) within 2 to 3 weeks, except US and UK, where it will take only 2 to 5 business days.

This service is available to a select number of Facebook users now. Very soon it will be available to all users.

Facebook is working on a pricing model for this service.

Expected cost:  US$ 2.99 for International and US$ 1.49 for US and UK (Price includes postage).

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