Side Effects of Facebook and Twitter – Anxiety and Insecurity

Facebook Twitter Side EffectsDo you know – Your beloved social media sites like Facebook and Twitter may harm you psychologically, making you anxious and insecure.

A survey conducted with hundreds of social media site users revealed that more than 50% of them noticed “ marked change in their behavior ”, and nearly 50% admitted “ their lives had been changed for the worse. ”

Most of them suffered a -Ve impact from social networking sites, resulting in a “ low confidence level ” compared to their offline peers.

2/3rd admitted, it’s hard to concentrate, or relax, or sleep after spending time on Facebook and Twitter.

1/4th of them even faced troubled relationships with their near and dear after spending long hours on social networking sites for months together.

What research says?

Recently, a research conducted by Salford Business School at the University of Salford in UK, reveals that 55% of people feel “ worried or uncomfortable ” when they couldn’t access their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

More than 60% people compelled to turn-off their gadgets to have a break!

It’s a concern for psychiatrists that – People are not capable of ignoring and compelled to switch-off their mobile devices in order to cope with the stress from social networking sites.

How are you: It’s time for you to change your social networking habits, if you are also suffering from anxiety and insecurity.


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    Yes it’s true.. in late 2009 I was crazy about twitter and was tweeting 24×7… twitter blocked my account several times for tweeting 1,000 updates in one day.

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    Great to know about your Twitter adventure in 2009.

    I am really thrilled and happy that somebody from India did a thing which is beyond anyone’s thinking.

    I’m also sad that nobody noticed this insanely-sane Twitter event.

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