Microsoft Surface Tablet Vs. Apple iPad – A Comparison

Microsoft Surface Tablet Vs Apple iPadWith every passing day, a battle between Microsoft Surface Tab and Apple iPad is gaining ground.

Microsoft is planning to release the Surface Tablet running on Windows 8 OS by the end of Oct 2012 to compete in the tablet market, mostly with Apple iPad.

Recently Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer unveiled Surface Tab, the company’s first tablet to take on the iPad, at an event in Los Angeles.

The tablet will be available in two versions or models – The lower-end Surface for Windows RT will be launched at the same time as the Windows 8 OS in Oct 2012, where as the higher-end Surface for Windows Pro will be available 3 months later.

Microsoft Surface Tab Vs Apple iPad

Surface will be integrated with a kickstand at the back to prop up, while a snap-on (optional) cover flips out to reveal a full keyboard for easier typing.

The biggest difference between the 2 models is that Windows RT will run on ARM mobile processors, while Windows 8 pro will be powered by Intel Core Processors. To know more checkout Microsoft Surface Tablet – Review of Features.

Surface will be priced comparable with Apple iPad and Ultrabooks. The approximate price for both the models will be -

Microsoft Surface Window RT: US$ 500

Microsoft Surface Window 8 Pro: US$ 800

Do you think – Microsoft Surface Tablet will be an iPad KILLER?



  1. says

    I don’t think that the Surface is an iPad Killer… People are obsessed with Apple products… they won’t care even if the Surface offers better performance… About the surface I really like the Keyboard part.. as am not a fan of touchscreen.

  2. says

    Microsoft Surface Tablet is no match against the new iPad! I mean, Apple’s way ahead of this aspiring tablet. They should improve it a little better to compete IMO.

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