Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 – Review of Features

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310With the entry of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310, once again the tablet market comes in to alive.

With the Android’s latest OS - Ice Cream Sandwich, this tablet is selling like hot-cakes.

Samsung has packed all possible good things like multimedia, communication and top internet functionality in this 7 inch tablet to woo the customers.

I am going to tell you, Why people are so crazy to grab a piece from the shelves of mobile stores, despite a number of other available tablets.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310

1. Screen size: With a 7″  TFT display and 1024 x 600 px resolution Galaxy Tab 2 310 rocks! You can carry around your tablet with you, where ever you go, just like your mini diary. It is slim enough (10.5mm) and light (345g) enough to carry with you throughout the day.

2. Operating System: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest OS from Android. With this new ICS technology experience better web-browsing and faster screen transition. This technology supports a multitude of useful Apps.

3. Hardware Specifications: With 1GB of RAM and 1 GHz Dual-Core Processor, Galaxy Tab 2 310 runs exceptionally smooth. You can upgrade the inbuilt 16Gb of storage spaces to 32 GB via the microSD slot. the inbuilt 16GB of storage space is sufficient enough to store your favorite Apps, multimedia and files.

Best Features of Galaxy Tab 2 310

4. Battery Life: More battery life means more work and more fun on the go. With a  Li-ion 4,000 mAh battery capacity, it lasts for 20 to 30 hrs. Long enough to support your busy working day.

5. Connectivity: Supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G for better and faster data access and connectivity. What else, you can make a voice call to your grandma with a good sound quality. A tablet-cum-phone, so less juggling between gadgets.

6. Multimedia: It boasts a front facing VGA camera (video call) and a 3 MP rear camera. Supports almost all audio and video files with full HD Playback/Recording.

7. Inbuilt Apps: The preinstalled  ‘ My Reader ’ apps helps you to built your own book self. A number useful Apps come preinstalled with the device like Gmail, YouTube, Google Search, Google Maps and Google Calendar etc.

Reader’s HUB – This Apps helps you access more than 2 million e-Books, 3,500 Magazines and more than 2,000 News Papers in multiple languages.

Game HUB – Via this Apps you can access to a world of high end mobile/tablet games (free and premium).

Chat-On – Use this Apps to connect with your friends across devices and platforms in a more expressive and dynamic way with unique features like group chat, buddy interaction, multimedia transmission etc. Group video sessions with Google+ hangouts is just like chilling with your friend-circle in a street.

Cons: No FM Radio and No Flash with the rear 3 MP Camera are the only  two drawbacks, which is acceptable comparative to it’s other great features.

Built quality and PRICE: With an excellent built quality and affordable price, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 is the object of desire for every gadget lovers.

US$ 350 is the international cost, and in India it is available at Rs. 19,500 only.

I personally bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310, two days back, and I am loving its all the awesome features. I am ready to clear all your doubts, from my real life experience with this beautiful tablet.


  1. rahul says

    Hii I am planing to take this gadget but as a cell phone rather than a would you recommend this if I take it as a cell phone?

    • says

      No way! You should look for a Mobile Phone-cum-Tablet kind of gadget, like Samsung Galaxy Note (too pricey).Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (310) is more like a tab, than a phone.

      Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 Charger   Samsung galaxy Tab 2 310 – Charger Heating   Complaints / Issues from Customers -

       50% customers complaining CHARGER Heats-up after 30 to 45   minutes. I also experienced the same problem, initially.

      Real FACT (my experience) – After using the charger for 5 to 7 days (10 to 14 times charging), there is no problem of heating -up. Now my Charger is absolutely fine. I am really enjoying my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 :)

  2. rahul says

    actually my budget is around 20000 only..can you suggest a good phone in that budget with big display and android?
    other than samsung galaxy S advance

    • says

      Hi Rahul,

      If I were you, I would’ve gone for Samsung Galaxy S Advance (Rs. 20,500) without any second thought. Everything is just fine for this mobile phone :)

      If you have found any -Ve point for this mobile, please tell me.

  3. says

    Hi Vijay, Very well said -

    So many features @ such an affordable price, and the portable nature (you can carry around it the whole day) of the tablet makes it more attractive :)

  4. Anil says

    I own Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 and pretty happy with it. Is it worth switching to the new one at a cost of say Rs. 10,000.-?

  5. rashmi says

    Hi..I read a lot of review for this saying that it heats up like crazy…is that true? Thats the only thing keeping me from buying this!

    • says

      Hi Rashmi,

      You are partially correct! The charger (supplied with the tab) heats-up after 45mins, forcing to disconnect for sometime. For complete charging (100%) it usually takes 2 hours.

      The charger, which heats-up after sometime (not so crazy) is ‘Made in China’ product(Samsung approved). Almost 50% consumers are experiencing this problem.

      There is no issues with the tablet itself (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310) or the charger cable. You should adopt – Wait and Watch Policy, before buying it.

    • kaushik says

      really it is good i have searhed each and every tab with the cost 0f 20000 i found this is the ultimate tab only fault is there is no fm and flash other than that it is super cool i got phd in the research of tablets :P just joking it is v good

  6. himanshu says

    can we play high end games mobile games on it .
    can we make phone calls when using it through wifi

      • himanshu says

        Thanx for help.
        And, can you tell me the exact price in India and are there any chances that Samsung will reduce its prices.

        Also tell me a best tablet under Rs.10,000/- with 3G and calling feature or any App like SKYPE by which we can call on cell phone which don’t have SKYPE app on it or which isn’t a smart phone.

        • says

          Price of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 in India is Rs. 19,500/- (few dealers are selling at Rs. 19,200/- also after a bit bargaining).

          Yes, if you can wait for 3 to 4months, chances are that you may get at a price tag of Rs. 17,000/- or less.

          One of the best tablet available below Rs.10,000/- is MicroMax FunBook with all the features you have mentioned at a price Rs. 7,000/-


      • himanshu says

        I wanna ask one more question – How many colors are available in India and is 8 GB model available in India ?
        Thank a ton for your help.

  7. himanshu says

    Thanx for the help. Surely will by this little powerhouse today.

    Galaxy tab is a great tab and you have written a great review.

  8. Shyam says

    I am using Samsung P – 1000 now. what are all improvements made in Tab 2 310. Is it worth to go for new one?

  9. Amit says

    I have gone through all the comments. Everything is fine except the heating issue. I’m planning to buy a new gadget around Rs.20,000/- for all purpose. Will it be OK for me? My main purpose is to surf web.

    • says

      Hi Amit,

      Go for the tab! Its a real pleasure while surfing on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310.

      Tab 2 310 + Vodafone internet ( Rs.99/- per month ) = Affordable yet good internet speed.

      • Amit says

        Thanks for the answer. Last question does it contain gorilla glass display and does it have any FM tuner in it? Please reply.

  10. Arun says

    Just got one for my daughter. Need help to load applications mostly for downloading books and reading. I chose this over the kindle fire mainly due to availability locally.

  11. says

    Hi Arun, Congrats!

    For downloading books you can use the preinstalled Application Readers Hub. It’s a great apps and I have downloaded plenty of interesting books using this.

  12. kaushik says

    Nandita..suggest me if there is antivirus which is required?? if yes, which would be the best one…and also let me know the best 3G plan..?? ;-)

    • says

      Hi Kaushik,

      Antivirus is a must for Tab, if you are using internet. You should go for Anti-Virus Pro – Tablet from AVG Mobilation.

      I am using this antivirus and am quite happy.

      Regarding 3G Plan, it’s quite subjective. It usually depends upon your usage (limited or unlimited bandwidth), your location and local offer by Telecom operators.

      Choose an operator and plan according to your needs from top 4 operators.

      Congrats for your tab, and thanks.

  13. Vijay says

    Hi Nandita,

    Yesterday I bought Galaxy Tab 2 white color (looks gorgeous) for myself. I do want to know from where I can download the Anti-Virus Pro – Tablet.

    Thanks. Vj

    • says

      Hi Vijay,

      Congrats for your new Galaxy Tab 2 :)

      There is an Apps called Play-Store, which is preinstalled in your Samsung Tab. You can download the Anti-Virus Pro – Tab from here.


  14. Amit says

    Thanks Nandita 4 the review.

    I’ve made my mind for the Tab 2. I want to know only 2 things – Does it have document editor preinstalled? If yes which one?

    And does it support flash player please let me know. I will buy this on 22nd of this June, already talked with a dealer charging 19500. Is the price is OK?

    • says

      Hi Amit,

      Yes, it has a preinstalled document editor called – Polaris Office.

      Yes, it supports Flash Player. Point to be noted – Flash Player will not be supported on any Android Version beyond 4.0 x ….You are lucky….this is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich :)

      Rs. 19,500/- is a good price to buy this Tab.

      Best of luck.

  15. Aditya says

    Hi Nandita,

    Please suggest me which one to buy…Blackberry Playbook or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310. Or suggest in range of 20000/-.


  16. Khalid says

    Hi Nandita !!!

    Can u please let me know whether there is SMS option in this Tab. I found some links which says tab has got calling option, but specifically mentioning it does not support SMS and MMS options…

  17. apoorav says

    Hey Nandita,im planning to buy samsung galaxy tab 2 310..can u tell me what is the battery backup..when will be the 8gb version launch in india,will the 8gb version support voice calling..and last bt not the least will there be any downfall in the price of tab 2 16GB version..

    • says

      Hi Apoorav,

      Battery back-up is approx. 15 to 20 hours while surfing internet. There is no confirm date regarding the launch of 8GB version.

      Just wait for 2 to 3 months till mid October 2012, you will get your toy at a good price. May be at Rs. 16,000/- or so.

  18. sonal says

    plz tell me can i use my existing tata photon dongle in samsung galaxy tab 2 310?can i use a sim card also?

  19. sonal says

    hi n andita im planning to buy samsung tab 2 310.plz tell me can i use my existing tata photon dongle in samsung galaxy tab 2 310?can i use a sim card also?

    • says

      There are plenty of differences, and Galaxy Tab2 P3100 scores high on so many aspects.

      Unless and until you are a hardcore fan of Apple, go for Samsung.

  20. Shubham Yadav says

    hi nandita,
    i m in a mood to buy this tab…i have read ol the riviews related to it,now i m at a conclusion that it is a full packaged gadget at a price tag of 19500…..but i just want to know one thing that can we connect a 3G dongle to samsung galaxy tab 2 p3100??
    plz make me sure for dis query…..

  21. Rudradeep says

    Hi Nandita, plz suggest me in taking 310. but actually im bit confused among 620 and 310 , which one do u think is good,,,
    as only the flash is bothering me, rest .2 ghz processor is not a issue,

  22. says

    Hi Nandita,
    I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 310 yesterday. I am amazed with the clarity and other features. But, youtube videos are running a little bit slow and buffering very often. Is it because of a problem with the samsung tablet or my network connectivity?

  23. Nisar says

    Recently purchased galaxy tab 2.310, amazing tab.Can any body know how to connect tata photon dongle to my tab 2. Please help

      • Hemant says

        n US you will get this tablet in $150. I feel if u get “otg to usb converter for samsung galaxy tab 2?, you can attach USB flash drives as well as internet dongles like TATA Photon or Reliance data card. I haven’t tried any US internet dongle but you can give a try in India. Maybe it will work. You need to attach device before turning ON tablet. Let me know anyone tried this in India. Again posted to answer this question.

    • chanakya says

      hey dude..u have to go fro this 30 converter were you can easily connect your pendrive and doggel too.. you can get in the samsung store which will be in lesser price and trust worthy..

      • says

        There is no USB Port in Samsung Tab2.

        You can transfer data via blue-tooth or download data from net via accessing internet using a sim or wi-fi or blue-tooth (other devices).

        • Vijoy Kumar says

          Why take this circuitous route ? Your comment postponed the purchase of this tab for a week. One can remove the cable from the charger ( the end has usb plug) and insert it in any usb of laptop; transfer any data as if one is moving that to any pendrive with or without Kies.

  24. Saveri says

    Hey i just wana know this samsung tab is a tab plus a phone right ??? i mean it can be used as a mobile phone as well along with all the features of tab ???

  25. amit says

    Yes Saveri. You are absolutely right. You can use it as a mobile phone along with features of tablet. And its fabulous in its range.

  26. sameer says

    Since the tablet has no USB or HDMI port, is there any accompanying data cable for transfer to other pc.

    • Vijoy Kumar says

      The provided cable has usb end which connects to usb of any computer and one can transfer files easily. I have done it.

  27. Nilesh says

    If i have purchased “usb on-the-go cable” so can i use any USB modem like photon+,micromax e.t.c
    And can i make video calls on it ?

  28. Vijoy Kumar says

    Kindly comment on the use of a screen guard; some say it is required, others say the glass is tough and scratch proof though not carry proprietary name of ‘gorilla’

  29. Nilesh says

    Hey guyzz i purchased it a couple of days before and its really 2 GOOD ! it looks cool in white. i got it for Rs 18400.

    • apoorav says

      well in your tab 2 u will get smughes with your fingers and thumb if u dont cover it with a screen i would say get a screen guard for your tab 2..and enjoy freely…

    • vijoy says

      I have tried to make scratches at a corner of the screen with a key but failed. No need to have any screen guard. One can get a cushioned pouch / sleeve in rs 250/ whichshall protect its back from scratches, if you have a white one.
      But i miss voice recorder in this tab.

    • apoorav says

      Buddy one important thing samsung gas just released 4.0.4 software update for your tab 2.this update has brought face unlock,new icon appearance and much much go ahead and update your tab 2 and share your feedback..

  30. Jagan says

    One thing missed out in this review was there is no HDMI port available with this tablet and video recording up to only 720p but play back up to 1080.

  31. ashish shukla says

    I’ve got Samsung tab2 it’s great with 3g speed a nice tab but dongle is not connectable is only a problem for me but I’ve getting so cheap 3g 2gb only for me 250 which is too cheap as compared to any 3g available in market if u want to know mail me at

  32. asri says

    i bought my tablet yesterday. so far, it’s working fine. BUT, the sound quality when making calls is very poor i.e. phone recipient can hardly hear my voice. but i can hear their voice loud and clear. I tried the headset. result was similar. had to shout like crazy.

    please advise. :(

  33. kavya says

    Hi, I bought the Tab2 310 yesterday. Been having trouble with calls. The sound quality is very poor. I can barely hear the other person. Also when I take the call, it automatically goes on speaker mode. Isn’t there an option to use the handset while on a call (if i don’t want to use the earphone/Bluetooth headset)?
    How can I mute an incoming call? Please help! Thanks.

  34. deepan says

    can i connect reliance dongle in galaxy310 if i use usb host otg cable.if not which tablet will support usb dongle.

  35. Rajan says

    Nandita, I like your name! Good and positive review. I am cult follower of Android and Google also Samsung is beating apple in very means. I’ve ordered the same from one of the online seller and got discount of Rs.1920 and means it cost around Rs. 17280/- to me plus I will get Samsung’s promo offer too (Free headset). I am happy for this just waiting to get this awesome product in my hands.

    • apoorav says

      Hey Ranjan thats great.ur really getting your tab2 with great deal..i am also planning to buy Samsung Tab 2 in next 2 or 3 can u tell me from where u buyed so that i can also get this great discount..send me the link if possible.

  36. R Mahanta says


    I bought Galaxy tab 2.. 7.0 last week
    well under Wifi.. its ok. Now tell me how can i connect to Tata Photon or and other 3g device?
    Can internet be shared with any other mobile phone having GPRS with this tab?(via Bluetooth or else)

  37. Sanjay says

    Can I make Voice calls using this Tablet. And I’m not talking about Skype, Viber etc., The normal phone calls that we make on a daily basis, possible?

    • apoorav says

      Hey buddy yes you can easily make voice calls and even video calls without using any app.Just insert a sim card and start using as a phone..

  38. Ravinder says

    Hey Nandita,I am planning to buy samsung galaxy tab 2 310..can u tell me when will be the 8gb version launch in india and last bt not the least will there be any downfall in the price of tab 2 8GB version and Tab 2 310..
    Please advice can i purchase now (Sept 2012) or wait for downfall in price.
    Thanks in advance

    • ravinder says

      I want to add one more thing, i have talked with the dealer (in chandigarh) and he is ready on Rs.19,200 for Tab 2 310 16 gb. Is it a best deal? and what is the difference between 8gb or 16 gb tablet?

  39. gajanan says

    hello, this device is just awesome. And im gonna buy it in next wk. Only one thing bothering me is , how to carry it easily? Carry case is ok to protect its screen, but 7″ tab cant fit in my jeans or formals pocket

  40. arup says

    Hi Nandita,
    I am using Tab2 310 for last two months, recently I have Updated through OTA to version 4.0.4,, Big big round circles are visible all the music Video files. Tray Icons & its colors are changed looking ugly. Earlier version 4.0.3 was good. Is there any way to get back to its earlier version?

  41. harsh says

    Hi Nandita,

    Your blog on the device and the comment discussions are a treasure of information! thanks :) Am planning to buy this one and this page proved really helpful!


  42. says

    Hey nandita!! There is a wifi connection issue yaar. why dont you talk about it? i am also galaxy lover but this tab has big issue connecting to wifi. please let me know how to fix it.

  43. apoorav says

    Anybody here facing problem in wi-fi of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.It is an awesome Tab but it has one prob.i tried many times to connect to wi-fi but it shows scanning but does not connect.i purchased on 31th aug.6 days back and then also im facing problem.on the other hand i also have funbook alpha it does not show any connecting to wi-fi.I think funbook aplha wi-fi is much much better than tab 2.anyone has any solution how to fix that issue in Tab 2.Nandita please help me how can i fix this wi-fi issue. i am running Android Tab 2.

    • says

      yes. you are not alone facing wifi problem. Me and my lot of friends facing the same prob. I just sold it yesterday and purchased S3. Tab2 is the best device except wifi issue. Its the best gadget for those who is using GPRS/EDGE.

      • apoorav says

        Hey Junaid i think my wi-fi prob.has been solved.yesterday i called Samsung customer support they told me to do settings in wi-fi..i hve changed some settings manually and from that onwards my wi-fi is working fine..lets see this settings works fine for me..

        • harsh says

          Received my Tab today. Haven’t faced any Wi-fi issues as such. Infact its got connected the very first time. However it needs a strong wifi signal (less range). In a Room adjacent to the router’s my laptop shows a good signal strength while the tab is on average signal strength.

  44. apoorav says

    Harsh you will not face wi-fi issue for some days.after a coupal of days u will face the prob.that im facing and many more.but Samsung has resolved my prob.i thik so.and i tell you Tab 2 has wi-fi b/g/n which means a very strong router fitted in it(2.5GHz and 5Ghz).my router is placed at ground floor and i use my Tab 2 at 1st floor and then also its shows 1 or sometimes 2 bars.So in future if u face any wi-fi issues just do a manual settings which Samsung has told me..

    • says

      please share those setting with us. time being i am using FXR WIFI fix app from market. it works good but you have to run everytime you reboot your tab2. thanx

      • apoorav says

        Junaid samsung has Just released Firmware update for Tab 2 in 4.0.4 which brings may new features like swipe keyboard and new animations symbol which i really like.if u have not updated it just update via samsung Kies.i hope then wi-fi issue will be resolved

  45. harsh says

    **** Wifi issue Solution ****

    Guys Facing Wifi Issue, remove facebook app and reboot :P I notice that i was not able to connect to wifi soon after i installed Fb and rebooted! Just to test i removed Fb and did a reboot/restart and Wi-fi is back :D Its been just 10mins but lets see if it really works!

  46. Subbu says

    Hi Nadita,

    Thank you so much for the detailed input on this tab. I am visiting US next week and was able to check Best buy site that has a 8gb Samsung Galaxy tab 2. This has a USB port as well, costing to $ 249 (approx Rs13944/-). Added to package is a keyboard dock free of cost.
    My concern is whether the warranty (US) can be of use in india in case if some thing goes wrong with Gadget. Also, will there be any power (voltage) issue.

    Please advise.
    Your input would be much appreciated.


  47. Kdr says

    Hi nanditha,
    I plan to buy a new cell phone or tab for 20k. If i go for samsung galaxy s advance in that ICS is not there. whether there will be any ICS update for the phone. If i go with tab 310 i must purchase a lower end mobile phone. Can u pls suggest me on this

  48. arup says

    Dont update tab2 as I am using last three months & automatically updated twice,,after first update the RAM always blocked with 100 MB, loaded with unnecessary softwares you cant delete,big round circles logo appeares on the video files, etc.& after second time updates keyboard looks like a calculator pad, touch sound changes with a most irritating tones like water drops, Youtube gets 70% slower, Most important is screen gets whitish,, only one thing is good that a new option available is Face unlock,,so before update think it again.

    • apoorav says

      Anup, the problem ur facing about Ram blocked is basically u have not updated your tab 2 properly.i updated almost 4 Tab2 7 inch to Android 4.0.4 bt did not faced any problem like this.on the other hand the keyboard like calculator which ur talking about has swipe feature by default and has more space between the letters and numbers due to this there is no prob in typing at all.The default sound which we have seen in Galaxy S III is now in Tab 2 which i think is not bad bt i liked the previous one more.After the new firmware update it has given a fresh look to Tab 2 and by doing this Samsung has done a good job.i Think nobody here has a updating their smartphones/Tablets(any brand) to latest version.

  49. arup says

    Dear Apoorav ji ,
    When I have purchased my tab2 310,the used RAM shows 287MB & after update it shows 386MB used always when all applications are closed & there are not any improper OTA updates as I am using smooth 3G network & not any operating problems at all but the fantasy of keyboard,Notification tray colours ,beautiful frames of youtube videos , better touchsounds has been changed with new dull items.

    • says

      Dear Arup, if you are looking for beautiful keyboard then you may try A.I. type keyboard which is available in the android market. Second thing is whenever you buy any gadget, the ram has more free space. please check how many applications you have installed after you purchase.

  50. says

    Samsung Tab 2 310 is really and amazing Tablet and incomparable as any other such gadget because if you want similar features in a tab, you have to spend more than 35 K to have these features.

    So if you want to have the pleasure of a Tab in a limited budget, this machine is made for you !!

    • apoorav says

      I suggest u to use Airtel 3G.It is the best and u will get great internet speed upto 3.5MBPS..i am also using airtel 3g i my tab 2..

    • says

      @Shriya, it depends on the place where you live. check first which mobile career giving you more strong signal. Airtel/idea (3G) are the best as of my knowledge when i was in india last month.

  51. suresh says

    hello everybody, can some one pls tell me ‘what would be the voice outgoing call cost on tab 2 P3100… ? is it like any other mobile call making cost? //Also i would want your valuable suggestion if i can purchase tab 2 P3100 in grey market from a known grey market dealer,, where I am getting it for very less price comparitively…. will i lose out on any pre loaded applications?? pls guide me. thankyou all.

  52. kishore kunal says

    i want to buy to newandroid phone under 15000.can u suggest me any ??bt i want a long lasting battery and dual camera and ofcourse a large screen that can b used as a tab.i can spend only 15000-20000

  53. dharmendra says

    Hi apoorva, I m looking for Samsung galaxy tab 2 310. So my few doubts are,,, can I connect this device with computer for transfer songs videos etc like other mobiles. & how is the internet speed in normal 2G network because my area town doesn’t covers 3G network.

    • apoorav says

      Yes, Dharmendra u can easily transfer songs,videos and photos by connecting it to your computer.well i dont advice you to use 2G as it very slow.You can use wi-fi and surf the net.

  54. Vijoy Kumar says

    One can recharge samsung tab 2 without its given charger, through computer USB port. First connect the given usb cable to the tablet. Then partially insert the usb end to usb port of the computer and finally complete the insertion. The battery now gets charged; no need to always carry the charger.

  55. dharmendra says

    Thnxx apoorav, one more thing I want to ask that… Plzz tell me fact … I m having Nokia lumia 800 now.. But I m really disappointed with that mob… It needs Zune software for transfer data . Which is long procedure.. So I decided to replace to by Samsung galaxy tab 2 310….

    so please tell me…is Samsung galaxy tab 2 310 is better than Nokia lumia 800… Your views are very important now

    • apoorav says

      Dharmendra you can replace it with your Lumia 800 if u want to get the taste of Android.It will be a whole new experience if you will be using Android for the first time.I’m using Tab 2 310 since 2 months and its amazing.On a full charge it lasts for full 2 days with heavy gaming on a 7inch tablet.So if u want a phone cum tablet with big screen with good battery backup with a taste of ICS you can go for Tab 2 for sure.You won”t regret after buying this..

  56. dharmendra says

    Thnxxx apoorav sir, ok I decided to sale my Nokia lumia 800, n m going for galaxy tab 2, day after tomorrow… Sir could I get your mobile number, so that I can clear my doubts while using Samsung tab 2… Pleeeease

  57. vivek says

    I’m using airtel 3g dangle sim in tab 2 as the same is also hsdpa supported but ….since last 2 weeks I’m facing internet speed problem….can any one help me on this?



  58. prince nba says

    Nandita ji sada galaxy tab gt n8000 idea ya kite hor mts dongle naal attach ni hunda paya chakker ki he… dasoo

  59. dharmendra says

    Can anyone Suggest me, which is the best app for facebook video chat …bcoz oovoo chat n others not working at all…..i m using galaxy tab 2 310

  60. sameer says

    Got Samsung galaxy tab2 white last week from Indiatimes shopping for just 17k bucks on special tablet offer during Diwali. Still exploring this tablet but loved the features so far. Only drawback till now noticed is no camera flash..Rest you cant ask any better tab in such a price..Go for it.

  61. Ritesh Barde says

    Nandita mam , i just now buy samsung galaxy tab 2(310) in the accessory i found a usb connector so can i attach mouse or usb dongle to it ?

  62. rachit says


    I just got myself a tab 2, seems to work fine etc
    BUT….It is not reading my SIM, its like it recognizes that something is in the slot but no calls/messages etc.
    When i go to the network selection option only Vodafone and Idea is displayed….and I have airtel :’(… i have tried 3 different SIM’s which are fine in normal phones…..any suggestions apart from ‘take it to the service center’?


  63. krishna says

    I bought tab 2 its good i want to know weather wired net can be connected through the charging port or not if can how

    And one more in application manager it is showing only 700mb ram can you suggest solutions for me

  64. Vikram says

    1. I plan to buy a samsung tab. Is Note N8000 the latest?
    2. What is the price for 16 GB, wifi, 10.1 inch in India?
    3. This has a pen feature. Are there apps available to convert written matter into typed text?
    4. Does this tab support external keyboard?
    5. I believe tab have a USB port, can it support 3G dongles like photon or Airtel? In which case I can just buy wifi and not need to go for wifi + 3G version.
    6. Does the tab support microsoft office software?

  65. Gulab says

    Been using Tab2 since Sep’12….its awesome….last week received a firmware update and it got graded from ICS to Jellybean :D

  66. Raji says

    Helly Nandita :-) Great review..
    I am really confused between Samsung Galaxy Note( my dream phone since a long time) and Tab 2. What do you say?
    I basically want something for reading pdf notes and also surfing the net… I would go with Tab now, but Note reminds me of it’s 8 MP camera….. and the stylus…. but too pricey!
    Plz help!
    Thanks much! :-)

  67. Abhi Singh says

    Hii Nandita,
    I got the tab 2 as a valentine”s gift, but now i want to know if I can use my airtel data card with it, using the usb connector cable??

  68. imran says

    Hi Guys,

    Can any1 help me pls???? i want to buy a tablet under 10000 to 15000/- which can contains apps lyk skype video call, whats app etc….

    • says

      Hi Imran,
      If I were u i used 2 buy the samsusng tab 2 310 which is 16000 u can have apps like skype,fb,viber,whats app and many more.I already have gt310 its very gud 2 use.

    • gopi says

      Hey I bought a samsung tab2 310 for 16500rs from agra few day back only and now I love to sell that …..I love the feauters of this tab too much but I have some financial problem so I wants to sell this for 15500rs with box bill and every thing which comes with al sorts of accesoraies if any one is interested then pls contact me directly on my cell phone..9359585421,, l,,,, thanks a lot my tab is with 12gb internal memory and I loaded too many latest applications also and its upgraded to 4.1.2 android version too,,,,,

  69. Sushma says

    How can I download microsoft word or microsoft powerpoint on my samsung tab 2, so dat I can use it to make my presentation at college??

  70. Arpit Nigam says

    How to connect my Samsung tab 2 to internet via tata photon dongle.I have the OTG cable to connect to tata photon USB.

  71. gopi says

    If anyone looking for tab 2 310 then pls contact me I am selling for 15500rs its only 20days back I bought if anyone loves to buy then pls contact me soon on my cell,,,, 9359585421

  72. Imtiwabang Pongener says

    I have recently purchased a Samsung galaxy tab and I would like to use a 3g Sim for connecting to the internet but I am unable to configure the APN manually because the tab do not save the APN that I punch in. It remains blank. Also when I insert the sim card, the APN is not automatically pushed (auto configuration) in as it does with my older tab which is of a different make . Please help. I am using it with the WiFi very comfortably though.

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