Windows 8 OS Release Date – October 2012

Windows 8 OS ReleaseWindows 8 – The next version of Microsoft’s Windows Operating System will be released in October 2012.

Microsoft is planning to release the Windows 8 bundled with Microsoft Surface Tablet by the end of Oct 2012 to compete in the tablet market.

A fixed date for sale is still not confirmed by the software giant.

Earlier, most industry experts were expecting Windows 8 in late November or early December 2012. But Microsoft has confirmed the time frame (Oct) for mass-marketing of the OS in Toronto.

Microsoft typically releases new version of Windows OS every 3 yrs. But, this update is much anticipated and much talked about OS since 1995.

Consumers and institutions who are not willing to buy new PCs can upgrade their systems and install the Windows 8 OS.

The Apps will appear in a mosaic of tiles on PC or Tablet screen. Flipping the Apps will be smooth and beautiful. With a seamless integration of services like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr etc, using this new OS will be a rich experience.

With the release of Windows 8, the laptop and PC markets will be alive again. Leading PC makers like HP and Dell are planning to release a number of Tablets and Ultra-Books (Hybrid of Notebook and Tab) powered by Windows 8 Operating System.

Are you eager to try Windows 8 on your laptop or PC? Add your comments below…

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