Guest Blogging Is Already Dead As A Link Building Tactic

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web-spam team has put the final nail on the coffin by saying – if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop.

Check out his blog post published on Jan 20, 2014, on his personal blog.

Because over a period of time guest blogging has become a spammy practice with sole intention of link building or search engine optimization.

Guest Blogging: the decay of a once-authentic way to reach people. Given how spammy it’s become, I’d expect Google’s webspam team to take a pretty dim view of guest blogging going forward.

Matt Cutts.

Everybody knows the power of links for ranking higher in Google search. And like every link building tactic, guest blogging has also been spoiled or over-used by spammers in the last couple of years.

In the last 2 years, on we’ve published a number of articles about guest blogging, and telling our readers how it has become spammy in nature with every passing day. We’ve even asked Matt Cutts – Whether Google is planning to penalize guest bloggers (both – guest bloggers’ as well as guest post publishing sites) in the future for its spammy nature? And his answer sounds like a “Warning for guest bloggers.” Check out few interesting articles about guest blogging published on in the past:

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Guest Blogging Penalty

Is Google planning an algorithm for guest blogging penalty? Few SEO experts are even thinking/speculating this after Matt Cutts’ latest assault on guest blogging.

The answer is – a BIG No! In an efforts to curb the sin, can you destroy the world, or can you sacrifice the lives of innocent people along with the wicked ones? If Google will penalize guest blogging then the whole web-eco-system will be collapsed. And Google is not going to do that.

The primary aims of guest blogging are – Exposure, Branding and Community building. Forget about the links and SEO part. Because the links you’ve gained via guest blogging are under your control. And any incoming links controlled by a webmaster is considered as spammy.

Google has got an excellent link-analysis algorithm. Because its entire business model is based on links. It is also planning for a “sophisticated link analysis system” to attribute appropriate value or weighted to different links on web pages depending on their locations and relations to the surrounding texts.

Do you still think links acquired via guest blogging, whether in the author-bio or within the article body carry the same weighted as naturally acquired editorial links?

With its present link analytics algorithm – Google nullifies all types of guest blogging links. Spammy as well as high quality guest blogging links, and leaving (filtering) only the exposure, branding and community parts. Without harming and without penalizing sites. So that high quality guest bloggers and guest post publishers get the maximum benefits, and low quality the least or nil.

Guest blogging will never die in the years to come. But as a link building tactic – it’s already dead!

Do you still use guest blogging for link building or SEO? Add your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. says

    Hello Akash,

    Well I’ve already expected that guest blogging gonna end soon, guess what it’s already here. I guess now onwards bloggers will not accept guest posts.


  2. says

    Hi Akash,

    Bloggers are saying different things about this announcement. Some of them are saying that Matt can’t be trusted. They take a dig at the remarks he made about PR- that PR update won’t be happening again. But, it actually the opposite happened, contradicting Matt’s claim.

    But, talking about Guess blogging claim made by him, I have reasons to take up seriously. Because more people are abusing and misusing that opportunity. I see lots of ‘serial guest posters’, who are hired by some ‘SEO companies’ taking up guest blogging campaigns that resemble spamming!


  3. says

    I think nobody will use guest blogging as building links for SEO since matt cutts said it so every one will follow the same.

    I guess guest blogging will no longer useful.


  4. says

    Hi Akash,

    It’s hard for me to find the guest post opportunity. If have someone accept my guest post, i would like to do it by given a value to their reader and also building brand as well. Thanks for your news. I think if we should write the guest posts for branding and community as you said.

  5. says

    Guest blogging might not be good for link building now but still I would consider it a good marketing strategy. You expose your writing to a bigger audience through guest blogging which is undoubtedly good.
    As far as link building is concerned.. I think if a blog is good enough you don’t need strain yourself too much for link building.

  6. says

    Nice post, I was almost convinced reading at various other places that guest blogging is one of the best ways to gain back links to your blog. But this post has completely changed my view. Thank you for saving me from wasting my time on guest posts.

  7. says

    I was also thinking to start writing guest post at any good website but if this can leads to Google penalty then i don’t think I would do it. Google penalize for many stuffs. Thanks for sharing your post.

  8. says

    If you are using Guest Posting with the sole motive of link building then you are on the wrong/unethical SEO track. Guest blogging is all about relationship building and knowledge sharing. Links should come naturally from Guest blogging. Like all other things, over using of it might look unnatural can cause trouble for you. Rather your overall link profile should be natural with all kinds of links, like, do-follow & no-follow link mix, artilce links, blog commenting links, authority and quality directory links, high PR bookmarking links, Good PR links etc.

  9. says

    Hi Akash – interesting take on the Guest Blogging debate. I had a chat on Twitter with the developer of CommentLuv and he’s of the opinion that Guest Blogging is still viable if it’s of sufficient quality and relevance and adds value to the quality of information on the Internet – in other words, Google is just interested in stopping the practice of spammy Guest Blogging. Be interesting to see how this develops given that Google has a history of being somewhat heavy-handed!

  10. says

    Nice and informative post

    We all know that from Matt Cutts last update on guest blogging is that we should not use it for link building.This does not mean that guest blogging is dead and we should not use it. Guest blogging as link building tactic is dead . Guest blogging is actualy used for branding, sharing information among other audiences, spreading and promoting our products and services, building blog communities. The main aim of using guest blogging still remains.

    From the latest link analytic algorithm it is clear that only link from guest blog is been filtered leaving the rest of the part. So guest blogging i still on.

    Thank you for sharing

  11. says

    It is not dead but it is restricted. Guest blogging should be used for knowledge sharing, branding and expanding your traffic. It must be relevant and if we can add something to a website or blog then only we should write for them otherwise not. Massive/bulk guest blogging or article marketing can be dangerous for a site’s SEO.

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