Has Google Panda Become A Crapper's Best Friend

Google Panda has celebrated his 21st anniversary recently, with the release of Panda update 21 on Nov 5, 2012.

After a stint of 1 year and 9 months (born on Feb 24, 2011) with so many changes in its algorithm and 21 updates – Is Google panda loosing its ability to catch crappers?

Is it not as effective as it was used to be, earlier? Is Panda sleeping for a while?

Based on numerous SEOs and Webmasters’ observations – Most probably, the answer is YES.

What’s actually going on: Since last couple of months or so, Google is showing lots of crappy content and sites in its search results. That’s also on the first page!

Blogs and websites with completely duplicate content (100%) are ranking on the first page of Google. Sadly, the original author or creator has no place even on the 5th page (50 results).

Auto-blogs, where content being generated on its own (webmaster is either snoring or counting money) are occupying 2nd or 3rd spot on Google SERPs with pride, even for competitive long-tail keywords.

Now, this is the hottest gossip in Webmaster and SEO world.

Probable reasons: Recently, in an attempt to serve better search results to users, Google is frequently experimenting and updating its search algorithm.

Be it – data refresh to better understand and search for long-tail queries, or algorithm change to improve the image search results, or bug fixing for freshness algorithm (QDF) etc., apart from Panda and Penguin.

Due to all these algorithm changes, updates and indexing, even for popular queries, search result positions are changing frequently on a day-to-day basis.

But the cause of concern is – Appearing of duplicate pages and websites on the first page, and original content nowhere.

I’m also a victim: Long back, in Feb 2012, I had published an article with title “20 Essential WordPress Plugins to Turbocharge your Blog in 2012.”

This article was optimized for the long-tail keyword “Essential WordPress Plugins 2012.” And, it was on the first position on the first page of Google.com search, for which I was getting almost 200 page views per day.

Now, a blog named WorldToFree.com who duplicated my article on Sep 20, 2012, is appearing on 5th position of first page.

What a joke – With so much of talk going on about duplicate content and Google Panda.

Since the duplicate page was published on Sep 20, Google Panda has come twice – On Sep 27 (Panda 20) and Nov 5 (Panda 21). Instead of Penalty or demotion in search results, the duplicate page secured quite a good place.

My ACTION: Everybody knows content duplication is quite common on the web. Lots of bloggers facing this problem regularly.

Till the time the duplicate page ranks below my original content, it’s Ok. But, if it ranks on the first page of Google and my original content is nowhere, I had to take action.

I had taken the below actions:

1. Email request sent to the Webmaster (taken)

2. DMCA Request sent to Google (taken)

3. Spam notification via Webmaster tool (taken)

4. A case for Content Duplication and non Compliance in Cyber Crime Branch of Mumbai (pending)

I’ve published this article to give some real life information to my blog readers, so that they will face this type of problem in a better way in future.

Final Words: I don’t blame Panda or Google. They have been doing a fabulous job. If Google is adjusting its search algorithm for a better results in the future – I’ve no problem my original content being removed from Google search. Because I’m in for a long-term blogging.

I also believe Google’s spam detection system and team. They are quite efficient in detecting the original content using lots of parameters.

It’s very easy to publish a crappy blog or website. You just have to install an Auto-Blog Plugin. That’s all! After that – You just sit back and snore, the plugin will take care everything, publishing tons of crappy (copied) content everyday.

But, how many days you will make merry with a mindless auto-blog. May be for couple weeks, a couple of months. After few spam reports or DMCA reports – POOF! Everything gone!!

Have you faced any duplicate content issues on your blog? Add your valuable comments below.


  1. says

    Dear nandita,

    I do hope, your clean and valuable job will bring (and keep) its “fruits”, so you post will get back to it’s well honored position!

    Just like you wrote before: Google is dancing aound! We have much-much more duplicate content in our Hungarian language. It seems that Google’s alghoritm is not that succesful in more difficult and less know languages…

    Keep on rockking with your SEO suggestions and Happy Birthday!

  2. says

    Superb work…with this incident you have also shared the possible actions we can take in case of content duplicate found. Anyway I did not find his entry with that keyword now…
    I have one question: Did he provide your content reference? if so is that legal? What is the best practice while regenerating some existing content?

    • says

      Hi Santanu,

      If you log-out from your Google A/c, clear your cache and search for the above mentioned keyword, the duplicate content is still there @ 5th position (Google.com search).

      No, he hasn’t provided any reference to my article from his page. You can’t and shouldn’t quote/copy an article 100%, even with a reference link. It will be counted as duplicate by Google.

      Yes, you can publish an existing infographic, infovideo or quote few lines from an already published article with due reference (with a link).

      • says

        I’ve just noticed something may be you have missed:
        You still rank #4 for the keyword: essential wordpress plug in 2012
        The duplicate content shows up for :
        essential wordpress plugin 2012
        It all depends on the way you write ‘plug in’ or ‘plugins’. Your content still rule on Google :)

        • says

          I checked with the word – essential wordpress plug in 2012 in Google.com, with my browser cache cleaned and Google A/c log-out state.

          Result: The duplicate page appears even higher (3rd spot), and I’m nowhere.

          Checkout the screen shot below…
          Best WordPress Plugins 2012

  3. SAJID says

    Lovely Naditha… This time after all you have done a fabolous steps to catch these stupid copiers…
    I hope Google kick them out in one hit…

    • SAJID says

      @Aseem Pahwa
      Not really in that Sense. but i do agree with Naditha B that the Panda Update is probably preparing itself for something big for spammers and copy cats this time.:P

  4. says

    I know, from this Google Algorithm updation, there are many good page rank websites are also affected. They are loosing visitors from search engines directly and it affect their earning too.

    If you complain to DMCA about duplicate content, they take quick action.

  5. says

    I totally Agree with you Nandita,
    This has same happen with Me,
    many Copiers who had copied my posts had Occupied Their rankings on First page, and their content was 100% duplicate.
    I hope google will notice this Thing, and launch a new update to overcome…. it.

  6. says

    I’ve checked again for ‘essential wordpress plug in 2012′ on my side ( i’m not logged into Gmail), you rank #4 . I’ve crossed checked it through a proxy too ( try hidemyass), you still rank #4.
    May be you are using google.in and not google.com?

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