Google is Promoting Webmaster-Cannibalism Via Penguin Updates

Webmaster Cannibalism and GoogleSince the introduction of Google Penguin Update in late Apr 2012, webmasters around the world become Cannibals.

Webmasters are busy sending E-mails to each other, threatening to sue in the court, if the xyz links are not removed ASAP. Worst, web directories are getting tons of threatening E-mails to remove backlinks. Who had requested for the backlinks on the web-directories? Of course the same webmasters, who are sending threatening messages. And, few years back, these were the webmasters feeling proud for their links on these web-directories.

For your info: Most of the webmasters submit their sites for listing in a web-directories, only to gain Search Engine ranking by getting link juice. Nobody submits a site to web-directories for traffic.

Actual scenario: Google has penalized numerous web-directories, sites involved in spammy activities, blogs using sponsored WordPress Themes, ( original WordPress Mu site) and many others. And, the punishment is under the name of Penguin Update!

Why Google is shying of -Ve SEO: Although Google is denying any involvement of negative SEO in Google Penguin Algorithm, everybody knows a certain share of penalties are due to incoming bad links, which a webmaster has no control over it (negative SEO).

Negative SEO is usually practiced by webmasters, by pointing bad links from spammy sites, to their reputed competitors to demote in the Search Engine rankings.

Why not Yahoo Directory: Google has not penalized Yahoo directory in the Penguin Update. Yahoo charges 299$ and 600$ per year for regular sites and adult sites respectively, with manual analysis of sites before listing. Yahoo also says, there is no guarantee of listing after submission and money will not be refunded. According to Google, its adding value to Yahoo directory and its users.

Final Word: Google’s Penguin Update is definitely not a great invention by Google. Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, as usual admits – every algo update has its own flaw, so also Penguin! So easy to say, but the consequence? Webmasters are getting CANNIBALS by sending and getting angry E-mails to each other and threatening to sue each other in the court.

Do you think- The sky is falling for webmasters around the world? Drop your thoughts below.


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    The sky is really falling down over us!

    We hired an SEO agency to do some back-links. We had no idea of what they were doing that time (We were not online marketing experts at that time). They were using link-farms and they had created Spam directories. I think all that is hurting our sites ranking now.

    My client’s site dropped from Rank 2 to page 5 and 7 for high target keywords. But when I look at my competitor’s websites, they have similar links from same directories but they didn’t get hurt in rankings.

    I don’t know why Google’s update worked against us but not against our competitors who were engaged in similar acts and also at higher scale than us. Although I understand the point of Google creating better user experience on web.

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      Lots of webmasters are complaining the same this – Why our competitors are not hit by Penguin, although they have engaged with similar activities?

      Answer: Lots of sites engaged in spammy activities, those who were not penalized on the launch of the Penguin algo, were subsequently penalized during the next (last) update.

      The answer is – May not be today, but might be tomorrow. Every algo has it’s flaw in short term.

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