Google Panda Update 3.9.1 Rolls Out – On August 19

Google Panda Refresh 3.9.1Google has rolled out Panda algorithm update 3.9.1 on Aug 19,2012.

According to Google, this is a minor Panda update and affected < 1% of search results worldwide.

Google officially broke-out the news by publishing the below tweet on Twitter.

The last Panda update Version 3.9 was on July 25, almost 1 month ago. Panda updates are now a stabilized affair and usually rolls out on monthly basis. So, any webmaster who has taken appropriate steps to remove or corrected low quality, or duplicate content gets a chance to recover from Google Panda every month.

Contrary to Panda, the Penguin updates are not so stable and affecting lots of sites, due to addition of more and more signals to fight web-spam. May be in the future, after removing a significant amount of spammy links from the web, we can expect Penguin algorithm on a regular, or monthly basis.

Matt Cutts has also confirmed the virility of future Google Penguin in the SEO Sanfrancisco 2012.

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    Hey Nandita,
    Thanks for this Google Panda Update 3.9. I didn’t know about this. Google has also update with its previous penguin and panda update aimed at the ranking of the website. Yes, this is true that Panda update is more stabilised than Penguin update and it almost comes out every month. Thanks for the share!!

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    thanks for this informative post. google did go for the panda update that it calls to be a refresh but it still has affected many of the websites. you are right, these updates, we can say refreshes are done every month by google, but it doesnot affect the way the penguin hit the web. thanks for this post.

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      You have to wait til the next algorithm update, after you’ve made the neccessary changes to your site. Reason being, the Google Panda component of the search engine has to go through a certain sequence, covering a number of days before it’s rolled out.

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