Google Panda Update 3.9 Rolls Out

Google Panda 3.9Google is rolling out the Panda  algorithm update 3.9 on July 25, 2012.

This update will affect nearly 1% of search results according to Google.

Panda is one of the search algorithm update, out of 500, which Google has been updating throughout the year 2012.

This new was broke on Twitter by a Google Official.

The last Google Panda update 3.8 was on  June 25, 2012, exactly a month ago. Panda algorithm update was introduced in Feb 2011 to increase the user experience by filtering low quality or thin content from Google search results.

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  • IAnswer4U

    Fingers crossed… Last updates didn’t affect my site much..hopefully this time too nothing adverse happens to my traffic…
    All the best Nandita B, and all other webmasters.. :)

    • Nandita B.

      It’s the party time for all the White-hatter bloggers.

      Thanks and Best of luck too.

      • IAnswer4U

        The only thing that white hatters need to worry is theft of content.. for rest Big G will take care :)

  • Majid Ali

    So many Pandas and what was it really all about? An attempt to clean up and organize the web by ridding link farms? That thought process alone is saying that all link farms were bad. I remember the day when I enjoyed following webrings; they led from one great site to another and they all linked to one another. But that posed an issue for search engines, didn’t it? The reader didn’t have need to return to the main search, wiping out the potential for ad clicking.

    But oh – what about the duplicate content thing, as well as theiving of original content, which supposedly was part of the Panda. Now we must join Google + to claim right to our content?? I’ve seen many videos encouraging this, as well as the signature photos that are placed in search, claiming they will increase traffic as the photo draws attention to content. But what happens when everyone has a photo posted?

    I think that Google gets the most benefit out of everything it does, from Panda to Penguin.

  • Tyron

    I can see a slight increase in my traffic after 25th…

    • Nandita B.

      I am getting > 25% traffic after 25th…

      Best of luck.

  • Iftekhar Ahmed

    I am pretty much surprised with this updates, Google Panda 3.9 is about poor content, which also indicates less content or irrelevant content, i am surprised because i have fill my whole site up with the huge content but still i have seen downfall in my site :s, is this updates really implemented in the right way.

  • Travis Brown

    Thanks for posting this one. I actually hadn’t paid close enough attention. I was out on vacation and was away from social media. 1% of queries can be so much considering how huge the search engine is. Luckily, I did not experience many changes – obviously, since I didn’t even notice! ;)

  • Derek J. Maak

    Hey Nandita,

    Did you hear of anyone being affected by Panda 3.9? I didn’t even notice an update and haven’t heard much about it from anyone. Usually there’s a lot of fuss in forums and such when an update rolls out. Perhaps everyone has already been hit by previous Panda updates.