Tata Photon (ISP) Blocks WordPress.com Blogs in India

TATA Photon blocks WordPress.com IndiaTata Photon, the leading ISP (Internet Service Provider) in India blocked the access to WordPress.com domain in India.

Site admins and bloggers who use WordPress.com’s service to publish their content are facing difficulty updating their blogs.

This block has been implemented since last Monday, Aug 20, 2012, after India Government’s order to ban few web-pages containing offensive contents.

Recently, Government of India has banned 309 URLs publishing contents of Assam violence and subsequent North East exodus. And, the list was leaked online on Aug 23. These blogs were triggering fear and violence, and the mass displacement of North East citizens from different parts of the country.

Also, morphed images and videos were being uploaded to these blogs with the intention of inciting the Muslim community in the country.

Although, WordPress.com is accessible via other leading ISPs of India like Reliance and AirTel. There is no such ban for WordPress.org blogs (self-hosted).

According to bloggers, they can login to their WordPress account using Tata Photon, check for other functionalities, but not able to update or publish content.

To protest the block, lots of bloggers across the India have formed a forum to approach the Supreme Court with a PIL seeking immediate unblocking of their blogs and websites.

WordPress.com is one of the largest and best blog hosting platform. According to 2011 stats – Over 100,000 new blogs are created every day. And, over 335 million people view more than 2.5 billion pages each month.

Recently, India Government has taken direct action (through DNS server controlled by ISPs) to ban 6 Twitter accounts that mimic PMO (Prime Minister’s Office), when Twitter refused to remove the requested accounts.


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      Hi Vandhana,

      It’s sad that, instead of banning the few offending websites or WordPress blogs, India Govt./Tata Photon has banned all the blogs hosted on WordPress.com.

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      Hi Mukesh,

      It’s high time for Indian Govt to respect the Freedom of Expression on Web for it’s citizen.

      Yes, Indian Govt. is getting crazier day by day and banning sites and blogs like left-right-and-center.

  1. says

    That’s totally insane!! on the Indian Govt end , first they wanted fb to close down and now they do this , why can’t they see at other areas which are of utmost important.

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