Antidote For Google Penguin [INFOGRAPHIC]

Google Penguin HIT RecoverySince the launch of Penguin algorithm by the search engine giant Google, lots of websites have suffered huge traffic loss, resulting in massive loss of revenue.

Penguin is basically designed to fight web-spam and to promote sites producing awesome contents. Thereby encouraging webmasters to follow Google’s quality guidelines.

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web-spam team, along with other engineers are working hard to incorporate more and more signals to the algorithm, to make the future Penguin bigger and better.

There are plenty of real stories, where websites are hit by Penguin. In few cases, sites have recovered also, making their websites spam-free.

I have produced an INFOGRAPHIC called “Antidote For Google Penguin” to educate webmasters and bloggers to recover from Penguin hit.

Prevention is always better than cure. So, you can also follow these remedial actions to remain immune from the deadly Google Penguin.

Antidote For Google Penguin INFOGRAPHIC

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    • says

      Ya Tom,

      The same thing with everybody!

      After a lengthy brainstorming session, and spending lot of time, energy and money, finally Google has got this Penguin, out of 100 shortlisted cute animals in the World.


  1. says

    Nice information about Google’s new penguin algorithm. It’s time for websites to update their ideas on how to increase blog traffic ! info graphic is also very nice :)

    Keep writing !

  2. says

    I personally welcome these updates that clean the internet of spam. Indeed it’s a piety that real websites also have to suffer but I guess we can all follow some guidelines and avoid becoming a victim of updates like the Penguin update.

  3. says

    Your Penguin looks very elegant. I think Penguin is not to harm any website or internet. Its their so that regular, good and genuine bloggers and webmasters could come in front pages. Whatever the case may be. If Penguin affects me, then I know that I have made something wrong.

  4. says

    Your Google penguin looks uber cute it’s hard to imagine that it can cause any kind of turbulence but things are never what they seem. By the by, great infographic. It’s visually appealing, with a clear, concise and relevant message.

  5. says

    I am wondering if Matt Cutts is trying to open a zoo, while yes the updates are good in one sense while on the other hand seeing that it has become a pain on the back for so many bloggers and webmasters who were doing nothing illegal is really very saddening. Anyways great infographic and some great tips included in the infographic.

  6. Saif1 says

    Well done Nandita.

    I think you should add some kind of code so that if some one wants to copy it then they should use that code to put in his blog. It would help you to get a back link from source.

    Thank you


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