3 Best SEO Tips For 2013

SEO Tips 2013SEO plays a great role for every successful online business. That’s why SEO is still the top choice of every marketers.

In 2013 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be the key marketing strategy of both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumers) marketers for better business, and better ROI.

Businesses are willing to spend a lion share of their marketing fund on SEO for better search visibility, and for better conversion.

Without complicating the subject more; I will be telling you 3 best SEO strategy for 2013.

Why 3? Although there are 100s of SEO tips out there. This is simply because; these 3 SEO tips will form the base of your overall marketing strategy in year 2013.

1. Mobile Optimization

Mobile search is going to surpass desktop search by year 2014. That means, more than 50% people will perform a search via mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops etc.)

And if you have not optimized your website for mobile devices, then it’s high time to think over it. It should be your high priority to run a mobile version of your online business.

You will be surprised to know that – As of now, only 16% of online businesses have optimized their sites for mobile devices. This may be due to- either lack of awareness or the complexity of mobile optimization. It’s a bit unclear.

To launch a mobile version of your website, you have 3 choices:

1. Make a responsive design of your website

2. Display different HTML and CSS for different mobile devices to control your site’s CSS.

3. Create a separate mobile website on an “m.YourWebSite.com” domain.

Google’s Recommends a responsive design i.e. the site that serves all devices on the same set of URLs, with each URL serving the same set of HTML to all devices and using just CSS to change how the web-page renders on different devices.

Why Responsive Design:

1. A single URL helps your users to interact, share and link to your content.

2. A single URL helps Google’s algorithm for indexation and search engine ranking.

3. No re-direction required on different devices, thereby reduces the loading time.

4. Increases the efficiency of Google bot (Crawler), because they crawl once for a single URL (each content). They help Google to index more of your site’s content and keep it fresh.

2. Content Marketing

You must have heard from webmasters and bloggers that – Content marketing is peaking-out, content marketing is dead and bla…bla…

But it’s not true. In 2013 CONTENT will be ruling the web, and continue to be the KING.

If you are a serious marketer and looking for a long-term online success, then the only thing you should do is -“Serve quality and unique content to your readers.”

Content marketing is one of the most successful, affordable and easy to implement marketing strategy. And SEO Copywriting plays a big role in successful content marketing.

Quality, uniqueness and freshness makes a content great. And great content ranks well in search engines, thereby sending targeted traffic to your site.

You can take the help of quality guest blogging, Email marketing etc. in addition to publication of content on your own blog or website.

Moreover, quality content attracts natural links and helps your overall SEO strategy.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is like putting the “cherry on the ice.” It’s just like topping your overall SEO strategy.

Be it on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or StumbleUpon – Spread the word on every popular social media networks. But there should be a limitation to the number of networks you should use. It depends upon you and your strategy.

The best and only thing you should do while social media marketing is – Build relationship with other community members. Interact with them, help them and make them understand how your website or blog can be helpful to them, how your content can make their life easier.

It’s a proven fact that Social Signal plays a major role in search engine ranking. By introducing Google+ and Google Authorship the search giant has already expressed it’s motive.

And Google Author Rank will be the next happening thing in SEO in 2013.

You opt for in-house SEO or outsource SEO services is up to you. It depends upon the size, financial condition and type of business.

I have mentioned my top 3 SEO tips for 2013. Now it’s your turn to add ONE.

About Nandita B.

Nandita B. is the Co-founder of SEOHour, and presently deals with design and usability aspects of the site. She's also an SEO practitioner, WordPress lover, digital marketer and web designer. Connect with us via: Google+ | Facebook | Twitter


  1. Thank you for these tips and I hope in 2013 you will provide more quality content. By the way happy new year Nandita :)
    Technology Blog recently posted…10 Best SEO Techniques For 2013My Profile

  2. Thanks for the tips Nandita. I think of the 3, the second one plays a very important role.
    Fardeen recently posted…Data deduplication, the new technical breakthrough for cloud providersMy Profile

  3. very nice tips for seo and mobile optimization is very necessary because today all are surfing net by mobile thanks for sharing such great post
    Rahul recently posted…Top Legitimate Ways to Earn Money OnlineMy Profile

  4. Thanks for the tips Nandita, I am sure content will continue to rule the roost in 2013 as it makes one online venture stand out from the junky rest.
    Arnab recently posted…7 Useful Tips to Travel at half of your budgetMy Profile

  5. hey Nandita!
    Great precise explanation of every step in this post. really enjoyed and found helpful all these three tips.
    I really agree with you that social media marketing is topping of all SEO strategy.
    Matt recently posted…Drive into 2013 with a VW Beetle from Spin and WinMy Profile

  6. Wow, Thank you So mUch nandita for All these 3 Very Very Important Tips,
    Mobile Optimization is a New thing for me,
    I will concentrate on that as ON these days there is a Lot of ecosystem of mobile and high end Devices, so Most of the sites are also accessed through Mobile and Tablets.
    Aliakbar recently posted…82% OFF Crystone Hosting Deal – Hosting at 0.99$/monthMy Profile

  7. You have applied great thoughts here. I hope in 2013 social media networking occupies the foremost priority in SEO.
    May be quality content will take next seat. Let’s watch it.

    Well Done.

  8. Some great tips must say, driving myself to Google+ now and hope to get some positive results in mean time.
    Bobby recently posted…Importance of Google Page Rank after Penguin and Panda:My Profile

  9. Great post, these three are really important factors which can play a big time effect on SEO 2013. Most importantly Mobile optimization and content marketing, there are millions of smartphones in the world and targeting them as an SEO perspective is a great way to acquire benefit of SEO.

  10. Thanks Nadita, your given tips are good because mobile optimization is new for me. So thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks for the good tips Nandita. These tips are very useful to all online marketers. These three are essential in online business as it helps the business to become successful. Now a days, people are fond of using the internet, so, it is better to take advantage of the benefits of these three.

    Great post!

  12. Hey there Nandita..

    nice and great tips from you. I’m so exited with the new 2013 SEO approach Everything will upgrade from computer to mobile marketing. I’m sure this 2013 is full of blast.

    I agree with Chandler that Content marketing, Social Media marketing and Mobile marketing will surely be the big factors for inbound marketing this year, since most of the people are using mobile phones to search for some information.

    Technology really rocks!
    Thanks for sharing Nandita :P
    Gel Maine recently posted…What Makes Filipino the Best SEO Virtual Assistants?My Profile

  13. Thanks for sharing seo techniques…i have not tried google+. I will try this year

  14. Hello Dear

    its very thought full post and unique post and i am agree with your point but content marketing is very important, use only fresh and unique content on your blog really thanks for the sharing me

  15. Content marketing has always been important to me, same goes for the social media, I will need to have a better at my mobile content this year!
    Bill Ray recently posted…Garage Workshop IdeasMy Profile

  16. Social Media Marketing will have a vital role in the upcoming years of SEO. As algorithms are updated continuously write fresh content.
    Devinder recently posted…Top 10 Most Pirated TV Shows of 2012My Profile

  17. Thanks for sharing nice tips. i am thinking of mobile optimization. informative post.

  18. Thanks for the nice tips,i hope the new year will be great for my blogging and my blogs.
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  19. Content marketing and havings high quality contents has always been the best in the world of SEO. Atleast thats in my own point of view :). Thank you for your tips.

  20. Thanks for some “obvious”, but nonetheless great tips on improving our SEO this year! I tried thinking of another good and valid point to be in the top 3 SEO tips but really, I have to agree with your choice for top 3. Mobile marketing is definitely on a steep rise as is Social marketing. But no matter which you use, quality content will always be a key factor for SEO. Period.

  21. As Google updates its algorithm, it will keep on increasing the importance of social media. Having a strong social media presence is now more important than ever. One thing you did not mention in the social media marketing is Pinterest. Sharing photos on Pinterest is also a good way to rank higher in Google.

  22. Hey !
    Nice post. Since the world is shifting its lots of work to mobile, so mobile optimization is very important point.
    Totally agree with you because all the points are valid.

  23. Thanks for your nice tips. Content marketing and havings high quality contents has always been the best in the world of SEO. Carry on better blogging…..
    mahadi1971 recently posted…How to Add Your Blog to Google Search Engine for Better TrafficMy Profile

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