Blog Post Titles and SEO – What Probloggers Think

Post Title and SEODo your blog post titles are SEO optimized, like other professional bloggers?

Writing magnetic blog post titles is an art, and optimizing it involves science.

Have you ever observed, why the blog posts of professional bloggers appear frequently on the first page of Google? Because, they craft such scientifically-beautiful blog post titles that Google loves.

This (below) is what, a blog post heading looks like on SERPs.

Blog Post Title in Google Search Results

Blog Post Titles and SEO

100% of SEO practitioners, all over the world, believe blog post title plays the most important role in SEO. Writing great blog post titles and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are two different things.

If your title is great and appealing, that doesn’t mean it will appear on the first page of the Google. It has to be optimized to enjoy a better rank in the search engines.

Few bloggers craft extraordinary post titles, but, due to lack of proper SEO these posts never appear in the first few pages of Google. There by loosing plenty of unique first time visitors to the blog.

Top professional bloggers not only craft amazing blog post titles, but also optimize it cleverly.

Blog Post Titles Optimization

1St Step:First of all, you should concentrate on your blog post which you are going to write. The heading, sub-headings and the gist. Think out few commonly used terms which people (including you) usually search for this topic. Keep the terms ready to craft your post titles.

Take a paper and a pen (always offline). With an un-sensored mind write down few great titles (at least 5 to 7), which are compelling enough to attract visitors’ clicks. { How to write great blog post title is beyond the scope of this article, and I will be publishing it soon}.

Then choose the best 3 titles for your blog post.

2nd Step: Do a quick keyword research about the topic which you have decided to write. You can take the help of Google AdWords Keyword Tool or simply the Google Search Suggestion (by typing few words of the selected topic).

Look for the keywords or phrases for low competition. Finalize a long tail keyword (phrase). You should target only one keyword (long tail) for your each blog posts, because, too many will simply dilute the optimization process with poor results.

Then, try to blend the chosen keyword or the phrase within the 3 blog post titles you have already crafted. Your maximum efforts should be to place the keyword at the beginning itself. That too in a natural way. It’s a proven fact that keywords at the beginning of the blog post title scores high on SERPs.

Finally choose the smartest one – Which is most compelling and has the power to attract most visitors on SERPs.

Do you have a tip to SEO your Blog post titles? Add it in the comments below.


  1. says

    Absolutely… If you write Titles only to attract Google then it may rank on top pages initially but eventually those User + search engine optimized pages outrank them.

  2. says

    Hi Nandita,

    I do concur with you – It’s not just as simple as deciding on a topic and keywords then running with it. When it comes to proper on-page SEO techniques and methods – keywords is an important aspect. Especially when it comes to Headings, Content, Title tags, Images (Alt text + Description etc.) and also links. When one decides on the keyword you will target you need to properly optimize all aspects of On-page SEO as to get the maximum value (or ROI) from your efforts.

    A good professional Blogger (with good knowledge on SEO) should be able to find the balance between all the different methods or tactics to achieve maximum Search Engine Exposure.

  3. says

    Having a title that attracts the readers attention will definitely get more clicks. Writing the title to where it is optimized, plus catchy, will benefit you.

  4. says

    mam u suggest only one keyword or phrase to use…but some other bloggers suggest that we can use 3 4..what is the difference in both…???

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