DMCA Requests Added in Google’s Ranking Algorithm

Google adds DMCA Request in Ranking algoGoogle will add one more search engine ranking signal called DMCA requests or valid copyright removal notices, to its existing 200 ranking signals from next week.

In a quest to provide better user experience, Google is taking in to account the number of DMCA takedown requests against sites to rank on SERPs.

That means, the more the number of DMCA takedown requests against a site, the lower will be its ranking in search results.

DMCA request is usually used by copyright owners to claim copyright infringement on content found or copied on the internet. Google is processing more number of copyright removal notices everyday than what it did in all of 2009, a staggering 4.3 million URLs in the last 30 days alone. Now Google will use this data as a signal in its search ranking.

For this Google will only consider valid copyright removal notices, and will continue to provide the counter notice tool for those sites who think their content has been wrongly removed or not violated the copyright infringement rule.

So Google will lower (ranking) a site’s content or the site as a whole, when it receives more number of valid DMCA takedown requests. But Google will nor remove any pages from the search results, unless it receives a valid copyright removal notice.

Google’s head of search, Amit Singhal, broke this news on Google Search Blog today. Now DMCA request will be joining the hands with Google Panda and Penguin to tighten the noose around webmasters’ necks.


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