Future Google Penguin Updates – Will Be More Harder Than You Are Thinking

Future Google penguin UpdatesIf you are practicing any spammy SEO techniques or affected by Google Penguin updates, then be prepared for a more lethal dose in future. Most probably in the coming few months.

Engineers of Google’s web-spam team are working hard to incorporate new signals and  iterating to improve the Penguin algorithm, to fight web-spam effectively.

So, the next Penguin updates will take longer, and the impact also will be noticeable. Unlike the Panda, which is a monthly affair now, without any noticeable effects.

For your info, Google Penguin Algorithm was introduced on Apr 24, 2012, and the first update came on May 25, 2012, exactly one month later. And, it affected <0.1% of English Language Searches.

But, the way Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web-spam Team sounds on the 2nd day of SES SanFrancisco 2012 (Aug 15) about Penguin updates is a clear indication of more difficult times ahead for webmasters.

Periodicity of Google Penguin

Don’t expect a Google Penguin update in every month, like Panda updates (now monthly).

First of all, Google Penguin is not a simple data refresh. Google is still working out ways and means to add signals to this new spam fighting algorithm.

Initially each update will take longer time and will fight spam more effectively. Just like Panda, it might be a regular affair after a year or so. It means, after one year, the algorithm will be full-fledged with lesser impacts. Due to, both, stabilization of the Penguin update and avoidance of spammy activities on web.

Matt Cutts on Google Penguin

This time Penguin will be more harsher for buying links, doing comment spam links and keyword stuffing.

Create a site that will stand the test of time. A site that people will tell their friends about and bookmark. That’s the site Google wants people to build.

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web-spam team.

By this time next year, he hopes people are less likely to do link buying, blog comment spam, etc.

According to Matt – Google Penguin is not a penalty. This algorithm simply de-value the links acquired in the past by spammy activities, thereby promoting the quality and clean websites in search engine result pages.

Google Penguin Updates 1.2 or 2 ?

Most probably, the next version of Google Penguin update will be 2, due to major addition and alteration of different spam fighting signals in the existing algorithm.

If it would be Version 1.2, then the lag period wouldn’t be so long (as of now 3 months since last update).

Final words: In the next major Penguin algorithm update, lots of big online companies previously hit by Penguin are working hard to become spam free and hoping to regain their traffic.

On the other hand, lots of sites escaped initially from Penguin, despite their spammy activities, might be hit hard this time.

So guys, it’s time to throw your black-hat in the dustbin and always don the white-hat to avoid the Penguin.


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    thanks for this useful post. you are right when you say that penguin is just not a refresh like panda and is a lot more and important update that google would make after certain times to keep the black hat seo sites under check and give its users the best possible results of all. It is only that all sites would have to go for white hat techniques and have quality links and quality content. only that would help. a useful post.

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    Well said. It’s only a matter of time. I hope the sites that were celebrating their luck last time around have been busy making things right, otherwise they will be in for a rude awakening.

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