Google’s Algorithm Changes for June and July – Panda Again Takes the Driver’s Seat

Google Algorithm Changes June July 2012Google has made a major changes in its search algorithm in June – July 2012, to improve the search quality.

It has posted a list of 86 changes on its Official Blog -Inside Search.

Google usually shares the list of algorithm changes on its Official blog, every now and then. But, this time, the search giant made the SEO world to wait for a couple of months.

Among the giant list of changes, Project Code namePage Quality ” is a search algo changes meant for Google Panda.

To promote high quality sites and pages Google has -

1. Incorporated new data in to the Panda algorithm.

2. Launched a data refresh for the Panda high-quality sites algorithm.

3. launched Panda on and to promote more high-quality sites for users in Japan and Korea.

Few more noteworthy search algorithm changes by Google are -

4. Updated a signal for Google Images to help return more on-topic image search results.

5. Data refresh for system used to better understand and search for long-tail queries.

6. Updated Safe Search algorithms to better detect adult content.

7. Improves display of the flights search feature.

8. To improve the quality of image results, we filter tiny, unhelpful images at the bottom of our image results pages.

9. When you search for directions to or from a location on your mobile device without specifying the start point, we’ll return results starting from your current position.

10. This is a bug fix to a freshness algorithm. This change turns off a freshness algorithm component in certain cases when it should not be affecting the results.

11. Updates a model we use to help you find high-quality pages with unique content.

What’s your opinion about the above changes? Do you think Google has missed out anything?



  1. says

    Hi Nandita!!
    Thanks for this informative update. Google has always come up with its panda update every time aiming at the ranking of a site. But this new algorithm changes as made by Google are really very influencing. Great features added such as the flights search feature and safe search algorithm. Even, I like the data refresh system used for long-tail queries. Thanks for the share!!

  2. says

    Hi Nandita,
    I had put in keywords in image properties before uploading them to my blog in about 15 posts each in Feb and March and I found that it brought me a lot of traffic, more so from Google image search. But now after a few months, the traffic from Google image search has dwindled and I even get more traffic from Bing which was just a small percentage earlier. My unique visitors per day has dwindled from over 200 per day to even as less as 50 per day. And when I search for certain keywords in google image search for those images that I ranked first for earlier are nowhere in sight now. Look forward to your reply.

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