Google Dance – Why Google Dance Like Shakira ?

Google DanceDo you know a common thing between Google and Shakira?

It is DANCE! Both Google and Shakira dance for their audience to make them happy.

Of course the venue for both of them is different. Shakira dances on the floor, where as Google dances on the web. One more thing they both have in common is ‘Wild Swing.’ Yes, wild swing, they both swing as if today is the end of the world!

And, do you know – What is their main motto? Giving an amazing experience to their audience or users, fulfill their needs to the fullest and quenching their thirst to the last drop.

Without much ado, let’s swing to the main topic ‘Google Dance.’

What is Google Dance

Google updates its algorithm or search index to promote or demote different contents in SERPs according to their quality. Before 2003, the frequency of algorithm update was once in a month. But, since then Google has increased the frequency, even many a times in a day.

Google performs more than 500 algorithm updates, based on more than 200 signals in a calendar year.

The up and down movement of the search results due to Google algo updates is called Google Dance. If the update is a major one, you can witness a wild swing of results.

Importance of Google Dance

As a webmaster you should know about Google Dance. Many a times when Google demotes your post/ posts 20 to 30 places down, you shouldn’t think about  Google Penalty straightaway.

Before thinking about penalty, you should check your highest ranked (bit older) blog posts in SERPs. If they are still maintaining their positions, then nothing to worry. The demotion of your post may be due to Google Dance.

Let’s have a dance with Google and Shakira … Tsamina mina eh eh … Waka Waka eh eh …


  1. says

    Hey Nandita, it was a really nice idea to write on Google Dance as it is one of the few topics in SERPS for which there is a scarcity of resources and references. This post is bang on target explaining most things about Google dance.

  2. says

    Nice Analogy.. The only difference is Google dance, often than not, gives headache to webmasters, while Shakira relieves her audience, often than not.

  3. says

    Hey Nandita!!
    You really made this blog interesting to read. Funny one. Great comparison drawn between Google and Shakira and I think you are completely correct. Even I like the ‘Wild Swing’ that you have discussed above. Truly Awesome!!

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