How to Increase Page Rank – 18 Great Tips

Increase Google Page RankHow to increase page rank - is a question, which keeps challenging webmasters since long time. Because increase page rank brings the authority to rule the web.

Page rank is Google’s measurement of how authoritative or popular a website is, on a scale of 1 to 10. Where 10 implies the most trusted site, and 1 the least.

Google decides the page rank by, the total aggregate vote of all inbound links to a particular website. If you want to increase the page rank of your website in a short span of time, then follow my 18 great tips and increase Google page rank very fast.

Quality backlinks are the basis of Google page rank. Acquire not just backlinks, but quality backlinks from quality or authoritative websites to increase the page rank.

Increase Page Rank by Acquiring Backlinks

1. Blog commenting: Acquiring back-links by leaving comments on blog posts of “ DoFollow ” blogs is very effective to increase Google page rank. Simply analyze 3 to 4 competitor websites of your niche on OpenSiteExplorer for “ DoFollow ” blogs (comments) and leave constructive comments using proper keywords. Surprisingly, people have achieved Google page rank of 3 to 4, by simply following this simple method.

2. Directory listing: Your profile with a hyperlink of your website or blog on a reputed directory passes link juice and helps increasing page rank. Because, your profile link is “ DoFollow ” here.Your site should be listed on at least 15 to 20 directories to boost the page rank significantly.

Increase Google Page Rank FREE

3. Social media Profile: Again, social media profiles also provide “ DoFollow ” links and help to increase Google page rank fast. Join at least 8 to 10 social media sites, even though you use only 3 to 4 sites honestly.

4. Guest blogging: This is the most tiring and slow process of increasing page rank. Because, writing blog posts for back-links requires great efforts and time. You never know, your post might not be accepted by the publishing blog many a times. But still you should write guest posts once in a while to add some variety in your strategy.

How to Increase Page Rank by Using NoFollow Attribute

5. Use NoFollow attribute sparingly: Always remember, Google always checks for intention. Using NoFollow attribute throughout the site is foolishness( like Wikipedia ). It’s a misconception among webmasters that “Using  NoFollow attribute throughout the site preserve link juice and helps for high Google page rank ”. In fact you should use it sparingly, site-wide. If you want to practice SEO, which should be timeless, then this method is for you. This is a point, Google may consider to change the algorithm in near future. B’cos, if all webmasters practice NoFollow attribute, then how this page rank/ WWW will function ?

6. Make your comment section NoFollow: By default, almost all blogs have NoFollow attribute for comment section. But, you should double check for this. By following this method you can avoid spam mass and preserve your Google page rank.

Increase Page Rank by Special Methods

7. Special backlinks: Links from Wikipedia, .Gov and .Edu are considered special. B’cos, not only these sites are authoritative but also its extremely difficult to get a backlink from these sites. At least, you should try your luck to get a link from Wikipedia.

8. Internal linking structure: How well your blog posts are linked to each other? This is a method, which is in your hand, and you should leverage it to increase Page rank fast. Be careful while choosing an anchor text to link an internal post. Anchor text matters, even in internal hyper-linking. At least 2 to 4 internal links works wonder.

9. Be popular in your niche: If you have a blog, and if you are popular in your niche by blog commenting, guest post writing/publishing or any other means, then Google’s trust factor increases. And, helps to increase page rank..

Increase Page Rank by Other Methods

10. Clean coding and site structure: Yes, it affects Google page rank. Your blog or site should be W3 compatible. Check your site for coding error here. Navigation, breadcrumbs and site maps are also important.

11. Page loading speed: Google loves fast loading websites. This is not only important forr SEO point of view but also to increase page rank easily.

12. Domain age: Here, domain age means both past and future age. If you have started your site or blog very recently, consider registering the domain name for at least 2 yrs or more. Google doesn’t trust site who are registered for 1 yr only, and thinks them as spammy. If your domain/site is quite old (past domain age), older than 2 to 3 yrs, then you automatically qualify for Google’s trust and page rank.

13. Dedicated IP address: You might consider for a dedicated IP address for your domain. Sometimes, due to spammy activity of a single webmaster from an IP address results in restriction/ ban for all the registered domains from the same IP address.

Don’ts to Increase Page Rank

14. No spammy outbound links: Don’t link to spammy or untrustworthy sites. Google thinks the linking site is also spammy. This method protects your link juice and helps to maintain the page rank.

15. Don’t use P0rn words: Never ever use P0rn words on your blog, even in a slightest form, even while writing a meaningful and humerus post. Google is extremely harsh in this regard. Google might consider your site as adult. Look, I have used the symbol “ zero ” in place of “ o ” for the word P0rn.

16. Don’t make multiple sub-domains: Google considers multiple sub-domains as spammy. Stay away from it. Not more than 4 to 5, at any circumstances.

17. Don’t involve in link-scheme: Don’t buy links from link farms and don’t involve in link schemes. Google don’t like paid link.

18. Don’t watch P0rn while logged-in to your Google A/c: Yes, it’s true phenomenon and observed by many webmasters recently. Google knows more about you, than your boy friend or girl friend. And, Google don’t like to make a P0rn addict to a blogging-star.

If you have a point or two, to contribute this list – how to increase Google page rank, then add your comments below.


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    Well done Nandita!
    Just one thing about your 6th Tip “Make your comment section NoFollow“. I guess that depends on about your blog, if you keep a “DoFollow” blog maybe you have more commenting posts and keep people flowing and your blog become popular. You can approve or not your posts and keep it clean. If users have this kind of “promotions” they will be back :)

    • says

      Hi Fred,
      I’m partially agree with you. How many people (web-surfers) check, whether the comment section is DoFollow or not before commenting ? The answer is obviously – very, very less !

      Yes, certain SEO savvy webmasters sometime check the comment section for DoFollow attribute. Also, while checking for backlinks, they come to know that, the blog commenting was DoFollow and keep coming in the feature.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

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      you have published a good and useful article here, what i like very much because i was looking for information about to get pr rank for my webblog. and your article helped me a lots. thanks. keep more post like this.

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      As you said, It is really good content for any of new student like me, i am new in SEO, I learn much from this place, i like it , i have bookmark this site, for my help. Thanks Nandita B

    • says

      I agree with possibly keeping your comments dofollow. There’s no need to accept everybody’s comments and providing dofollow helps spread the love. The more people leave dofollow in their comments, the more active their site will be. Just because people want the backlink, it doesn’t mean they don’t have something pertinent to say, getting the link will just give them a good reason to actually say it.

      So spread the love and allow dofollow, but be sure to not let posters post without your approval (even if they have past approved posts).

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    Hi Nandita!
    These are some of the useful tips that i am unaware of mostly- Tips under Increase Page Rank by Other Methods.Thanks for sharing these tips!

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    Great Post Nandita. I never knew that using Nofollow attribute can harm the blog. But Thanks for telling me! From now onward’s will be using this sparingly throughout the blog.
    Thumbs Up for the post :)

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    “Don’t watch P… while logged-in to your Google A/c”:

    Damn, this explain why my rankings are sooo bad then. Now I understand why I keep sinking everyday a bit more !


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    Now a days Hardly any Social media site has dofollow links for profile pages… Any tips how to get link backs from wikipedia?

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    Great article.. Thanks for the great tips! thank you very much for this nice and usefull informations. i learn it firstly im very happy about this

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    Well Nandita,you blog post is very useful.I have read all the points but i am looking for a real quick tip which will make my blog rank higher.Do have this kind of trick which will make my pagerank at least one within one day?

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    Himadri@ To Reach a PageRank 5 For Your Site, You Will Need:

    PR 0 – 84,015 links
    PR 1 – 16,803 links
    PR 2 – 3,055 links
    PR 3 – 555 links
    PR 4 – 101 links
    PR 5 – JUST 18 links
    PR 6 – ONLY 3 links

    Data colllet from :
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      • says

        Because a Page Rank is Google’s opinion on how authoritative/popular a website is based on OTHER WEBSITES. If you’ve got thousands of back links from sites that are highly authoritative in Google’s opinion, that says to Google that your website should deserve a boost in PR as well. Not a technical explanation I know… but it should suffice.

    • says

      Hi Nandita, thanks for leaving such a wonderful and informative blog. I have learn many new things from you today. But after validating my blog, I validated yours too. I got 20 Errors, 5 warning(s). This is just for your information. Keep up writing. Lol…

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    Nice article. i have a doubt here and a question too…
    You said above that how old the domain is ..matters and you said it might take 2 years….
    But your own domain is less than an year old but still has fantastic rank (its also a compliment) But has 7million alexa rank( though alexa hardly matter).
    Can you tell me the path you followed to get this brilliant google pagerank

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    Lovely Tips, I like it most.
    Moreover, I think you missed “content is king” so no SEO will work until you will not write quality content.


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    Hello Nandita,

    Nice post. The one thing to keep in mind while building link from any site is that how many links are going out to from that site to other site or blogs. Because if the quantity of outgoing links are more from where you making link for your site will be not as good as if you are making a link from site which have very few outgoing links.

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    I’m not sure about PR is, I never make comment, never build backlink and never do all tips you given but surprisingly my PR raise to 2. I just posting, posting and posting. Never care about PR.

  13. Naveen Kumar says

    Very Interesting blog. and it gives a lot of information. Thanks for this post and tell us about the new techniques.

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    Heyy, i want to ask something important, a lot of blogs are stealing my Original articles, today i noticed that one blog is copying my original articles on daily basis, what i am gonna do, this will effect my traffic… that blog stole almost 280+ posts and i filled Google DMCA application for blogger against that blog, but the main thing is that how i am gonna save all my articles from getting copied, is there penalty for my blog, in future because they are using my articles….? My every article is using some where so how i am gonna protect my articles, This will result in loss of more than 50% traffic….

  15. Matt Insardi says

    Comments are king. They get targeted traffic and build back links. I use to find .edu .gov amd do follow sites to comment on.

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    Recently, I have been commenting on blogs allot giving meaningful contributions. Hopefully, my page rank of one will increase once I have implemented some of your suggestions. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the great sharing. While building my website, always wonder why my website still at Pagerank 1, and something had to be done and improve it. Will implement the sharings here by Nandita, and let’s see if will the rank improve. :D

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    Great Points to use as a start, My Internal linking is something I would need to do soon,

    I have a hard time getting special backlinks, edu, gov, etc.

    by the way having your email address at the end of the post not attracting spam?

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    18. Don’t watch P0rn while logged-in to your Google A/c: Yes, it’s true phenomenon and observed by many webmasters recently. Google knows more about you, than your boy friend or girl friend. And, Google don’t like to make a P0rn addict to a blogging-star.
    Thank you for the post. I find it very interesting information, especially the last one. Hope to see your new post about Seo :)

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    I am new to maintaining a web site and definitely don’t know anything about SEO. Your sharing is very informative and I can avoid many mistake by following your experience.


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    Useful information shared. I am very happy to read this about Increase Google, page rank tips I will be coming back soon and my every friend share this website visit suggest.Thanks sharing many useful information.

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    Hi Nandita,
    What a short but complete explanation for bloggers. There are many things I’ve learned here especially tips no. 18. I’ve never heard of that before.


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    Very good points! Although I did read a while ago that Google had changed its rules about the domain’s future age. It basically said that although its actual age could still be a factor, Google would no longer care about how long it is registered for, so registering a domain for 10 years ahead would be pointless. I wish I could remember the source. Does anyone know for sure if that’s the case?

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    Wonderful post.I have working for my website still 6 month.But did not get any PR.So atleat i want to wait for 1 year.Aftr renewal of my domain may be i will get PR 1 :)
    Thank you so much for this post.

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    Great list. Thanks. I really enjoyed this article. I’ve known now for a while to register my domain for a more extended period of time, but I’ve yet to do this.

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    Don’t you think the last point is a bit far fetched. What we do in our personal lives should not be a problem with Google PR? Isn’t it?

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    When I started my Blog, my pagerank went from 0 to 4 – with only a few pages of content. I was so happy! I don’t understand google… BTW: And now, after 2 Years, it is still 4.

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    Thanks Nandita, very useful article.
    I’ll try to implement it.

    ** About tips 18, does Google really know that much about us … hmmm….. must be from their cookies in our PC

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    Well written post Nandita. I was searching for such a post after simultaneous confusing PR strategies from Google. My new blogspot blog has got PR2 in tha last update. I should work on related aspects to gain more authority. Thanks

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    Well written post Nandita. I was searching for such a post after simultaneous confusing PR strategies from Google. My new blogspot blog has got PR2 in the last update. I should work on related aspects to gain more authority. Thanks

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    The post is absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration both of which we all need! Also like to admire the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer! I will bookmark your blog!

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    Hi Nandita, I was searching for exactly for this information. I’m not a technical person and just few hours before I read your article I came to know that my blog has page rank 2. I will follow your guidelines. Thanks for valuable information. Most important thing is that your tips are very simple to understand and follow for a non technical person like me.

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    Actually what i think is that getting only 1 sidebar link from a High PR blog/website with low OBL can yield great results and you can instantly get a high pr in no time.
    Quality backlinks matter not quantity.

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    Hi nandita,
    I want to ask a question to you. Could you confirm me please Are facebook page likes increase traffic to website?

    Warm regards
    Arjun Singh

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    Social media is now playing a much more important part of the whole PR and ranking system than it ever has before. But if you keep things simple, like creating quality and engaging content for your users, no spamming (or allowing spammers on your site) and create yourself to be an authority in your niche then you will be well on the way to a good PR.And of course if you can gain the trust of some high PR sites who will give you a backlink

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    The tips you have provided are amazing and it helps in increasing page rank and attracting more number of customers. The blogger should keep these simple points in his mind, which changes the entire look of the website.

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    Hello Nandita your first point is really effective but it is very difficult to find a dofollow blog. Do you have any process to find dofollow blogs easily?

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    As mentioned
    consistency with your keywords in blog posts or while blog commenting leaving constructive area of useful suggestions are must follow key tips to improve your blog pages and Be popular in your niche above all .
    A very good thing u said to sign up to all the social medias to acquire some backlinks to your site.
    Your views are amazing Nandita .

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    Thank you for this article. My Pagerank is currently a 1, and considering that I have been blogging for 2 years, I feel that is not the best that is can be. After reading this article, I realized that there were things that I was doing wrong and I didn’t even know it. Thank you so much for the tips, and I look forward to using them in hopes to increase my Pagerank

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    Nice tips will be trying to implement all of them on my site,However most of the webmaster think that only backlink is the thing which helps in getting better PR.

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    I am gratefull of those tips Nandita to increase my website pagerank. I am a new blogger and I will follow your “recipe” I see potential for sure from Google!

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    I AM aware that google knows a lot about me, but this 18th tip made me wonder. Does it really matter? I mean, if someone is posting excellent, useful, articles then I don’t care who he/she is, what he/she is doing with his/her life. Is there any official announcement regarding this? Anyway, I didn’t know about this, now it’s just a fun fact to me :)

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    Lol Nandita, I never even considered the part about watching P0rn while surfing. “Google don’t like to make a P0rn addict to a blogging-star.” That is 2funny! Also take into consideration the stickiness of a website. Having good content and also having things for visitors to do so they can stay onsite longer. The time onsite will at to PR as well

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    I have started a new website and I would like to thank you for your tips on increasing pagerank. I believe I will achieve good numbers in the long run.

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    Thank Nandita, this is great post i really liked it and learn many things today and will definitely implement these points on my personal website.

    Thanks Again…

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    Hi Nandita, Really an awesome ways to get good PR. I used some of the ways and will surely try out the other ways which you have listed. Thanks a lot for Sharing!

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    Thanks for the post Nandita…some very VALUABLE information.

    There are many who claim to be SEO proficient who are claiming Page Rank doesn’t matter much anymore. Simply not true…a quick check with a good keyword research tool will show for most keywords PR is a huge factor in most cases.

    Thanks again and stop by and say hey sometime :)

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    Wonderful 18 tips. My technique is to create videos related to website/content, submit them to Youtube and link back to website/blog in the description, this is really working for me. I will try other tips posted here.

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    This is quite interesting. I guess one of the reason why I don’t get many back links is I don’t include my site in the comment. I’m really not an SEO person but I tried doing a building a blog guide which wasn’t hardly had any visits.

    Thanks for the tips though. I did bookmark your page because I plan to read it again.

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    On your subject of “Increase Page Rank by Acquiring Backlinks” you mention the importance of making comments on sites with high authority as per to relevant content. So if these high authority sites that we make comments on hoping to get some link juice from have the no follow on their sites then wouldn’t we be then just wasting our time leaving comments.Kenneth C Young

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    Nice post with great information. But I still not agree with the domain registration part and Google never keep any single record of it at there servers. If you have a nice website with great articles then sure you will get a better rank…

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    Nice Post. Increasing your page rank would take a lot of time . If keyword competition is high then it may take a year for page rank increase.

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    Cool post. I feel like the most important things for Pagerank are still site ages and the quality of ur back links. Links from sites with Pagerank of 7-10 are extremely helpful. I saw sites with 7PR and only have hundreds of back links.

  54. says

    honestly, this got me laughing out loud….”18. Don’t watch P0rn while logged-in to your Google A/c: Yes, it’s true phenomenon and observed by many webmasters recently. Google knows more about you, than your boy friend or girl friend. And, Google don’t like to make a P0rn addict to a blogging-star.”
    thanks for the posts though.

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    Hi Nandita, thank you kindly for a very informative article on how to riase your pagerank in a healthy way and increase organic search traffic. I will use your advice to help increase the rank of my website that promotes natural health and ethical consuming.


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    One comment posted here says that you need 555 links to get a PR3. Last time I checked one of my websites, I had less than 200 links, and I have a PR3.
    As well, you can Google the words, “dofollow blogs,” and there you will find some sites to post comments. Hope this helps!

  57. says

    Hi Nandita, thank you kindly for a very informative article on how to raise your pagerank in a healthy way and increase organic search traffic. I will use your advice to help increase the rank of my website that promotes natural health and ethical consuming.


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    Thanks mate for such a great compilation. I was searching this on web for such a long time but all are crap. Finally got to know from you. Could you please help me to increase PR of my blog.?
    Keep it up!

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    Hello Nandita,
    I am very pleased to read this post…..Really very informative. Earlier i was very much aware to work with these points but here i have learned that how to perform with no follows attributes . Thanks for sharing this info with us..”Bravo dear”

    • Akash says

      Your Google A/c, Google authorship markup, and your blog or website; all are inter-related / inter-linked. Lemme ask you a simple question (on lighter vein) – Would you like to appoint a P### addict as a CEO or something sort of in your company?

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    Thumbs up to the article. Very Nice tips to increase PR.

    But we should mind that PR has no effect on SERP. One should not bother too much about PR. Content is the king. High quality content with proper use of header tags is the key to rank higher in SERP.

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    Thanks. Its really a nice article. After reading it i got an over view of what it saying. But i didn’t understood why Google hate using multiple sub-domains.

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    Hi Nandita,
    Great post – darn, if I knew about the p0rn thing before I probably would’ve been at page 1 by now :D – but on a serious note, this whole phenomenon is the dark side of contextual advertising, eh?

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    Great post about page rank. I just wanted to say that some sites have a high page rank but no links, which doesn’t make much sense because pr is based on links. Before buying a high or domain make sure to check the link profile and history of the site before the purchase.

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    Nandita, thanks for the post. Very informative. I have a low page rank and your article will help to
    get me up. Great to learn from others…

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    Working on a website to increase Page Rank is important. I just went through all your tips mentioned in the post and they excellent. Listing website in different high PR directories is always a good consideration.

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    Great ! we are 1 year old – quite liked but struggling with pagerank. Now gonna try and implement each of these tips and hope to get a better page rank (which we honestly think we deserve) :-)

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    Nice article, I’m new in blogging can anyone tell me here? how long it takes for a new blog to start PR as my website is 1 month old but still no PR whereas I got alexa ranking for my blog?

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    Thanks for the final “Don’t watch P0rn” advice, I just forgot that fact, and I’d also suggest “Don’e search that too”. All points are of good help.

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    Well this was a nice tip. i never thought that it was going to be this interesting but any ways i enjoyed it.
    I will try to put my best into increasing my page rank respectfully.
    Thanks Nandita

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    Thanks for this informative blog. I’m a fresher in SEO field. And I read all your posts and like a lot.

    I have a question. Can you suggest me some ways how we can increase the rank of an adult website.. and thanks again for this precious post.

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    Thanks for the tips you have provided. There are some that first time i have heard especially the number 18. I am sure It is scary for some people:).

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    Thank you for the amazing article. I never knew how Pagerank worked and hate to say that I’m still a bit confused. I’ll start with your tips and see if I notice an increase. Currently I’m listed 2/10 and want to increase this and other SEO issues with my site.

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    Thanks Nandita for this great article. I have started my blog ( since 9 months and i am working on my blog rank. It is really a big deal :)

    I really found your article so precious and liked your side notes.

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    Excellent article Nandita B. I have a question though, I rank well organically for few keywords related to my blog but my page rank is still N/A or PR 0. Will trying to achieve a higher Google page rank help me in any way if I am already on the first page of google for related keywords. Thank you for all of your time and effort. I subscribed and look forward to more posts from you.

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    That last “dont watch p0rn made me laugh…i have to say! Great article though. Getting high pr is difficult and recuires time and effort.

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    Hi Nandita!
    Great tips for SEO. I am developer myself. but like others said we are not aware of all these tips.
    I had my website for nearly 4 years now. but never got success in SEO. My pagerank never got above 4. Hopefully now I can get little higher in pagerank. thanks a lot.

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    Wow, thank you for this informative article. There were so much that I did not consider when it comes to improving page rank. I love these tips and I will be using many of them starting today. :) Keep sharing!!!

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    An awesome article very helpful. I didn’t especially knew that Google was so sensitive for those kind of words which I don’t want to mention. That looks too bad for websites about ……………

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    Great post and awesome strategies to increase page ranks. I have heard a lot of bloggers say that their rankings naturally improve as their page ranks improve (including the new content). I assume this has to do with Google’s trust factor of the website, which is why it is so important to do the right thing in this business industry!!

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    Nice Article but I believe having quality and strong back links is also one of the main ways to climb higher on Google Pagerank, thanks for sharing……..

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    The ultimate and best way now to increase page rank is to write cornerstone quality content to educate users – the real people – and not only cater to search engines. When you provide good information and use the right keywords, traffic to your site will naturally increase.

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    Great info, I think that blog commenting in niche related authority sites like I just did here is most probably the easiest thing. But in the end, the only thing that matters is to make sure that you have a quality website.

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    I like last one, Don’t watch P0rn while you logged in Google Account :)
    Funny but true.. Google know you batter if you search P0rn with Google

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    Nice job as compared to others because here all details are provided which others don’t. In social media please mention Google plus because it is too helpful.

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    Great work. It is far more helpful than Google help.

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    Nandita, a question. Although your site loaded up quickly on my PC, but the commenting took a long time to be posted (and I don’t know if it has). Why is this? If the website loads pretty fast, why are the comments so slow? And does this affect the credibility of the site?

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    There are a lot of things that I’ve done in order to get higher page rank, but I have a long way to go and going to follow some of your other tips that I had not realized. Thank you for the article and its useful information.

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    i’m still not sure what nofollow means – ” instruct some search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index” (wikipedia).

    if most of the blogs have those to fight spam, why does everyone encourage blog commenting then (from a SEO standpoint, not community building). with nofollow your link gets ignored anyway? what am i missing?

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    Thank you so much for these tips!! I have been trying to increase my Page Ranking and haven’t had much luck. I really appreciate you creating this post so that I can use these tips. We shall see how it goes!!!

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    Your post is concise and very informative especially I am still learning basic SEO.

    I’m going to follow your tips and see if this will improve my PR. I’ll be back here to update you. Thanks!

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    Mam, you are giving a very nice set of information. I guess the website rank depends upon the daily average visitors. If the number of visitors is high, then alexa or google page rank will be higher. Is it so? Please reply…

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    wow this truly was an amazingly helpful post. I actually learnt some new things as opposed to the usual stuff you find on the internet. I am going to try the wikipedia idea. Something that I am going to start up using is submitting articles to article bases/banks – they get me links to my site, however I am not putting duplicated copy on my site.

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    Great article. We have been trying to increase our PR for the last couple of years with no success. We try to create great content but I guess that the area in which we work (tourism) is quite hard to crack. Also, link building does not seem to work any more.
    Any more tips are welcome!

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    Great article. Blog commenting is an awesome way to increase traffic to your site. I like to use Firefox with SEO tools installed.I like to google search the key word followed by “enter yourname@yourkeywords” to find blogs in my niche to comment on. I use the SEO toolbar installed to see the URL pagerank to determine if it is worth my time commenting on.

  96. says

    great article, I managed to get my domain to a PR3 with a bit of luck and its an old domain. I will follow the advice on this page to see if I can increase it further.

  97. says

    Thank you so much Nandita for such an insightful article. A good PR is the first thing that an advertiser look for while accepting a site. My site has PR1 and I am working hard to improve my PR to 2 but no luck.

  98. says

    The article you have written is concise, clear and straight to the point. I do agree with the points. There is one point perhaps Google needs to clarify i.e. about the domain. For .com domain it is possible to register for more than two years however for other country level domains for example .de it is not possible to do so.

  99. says

    My Site PR is 0 and some of my friends advised me to to Forum Posting but after submit 10 posting you can post a link to that site and Google counts it only one, i want to ask you which technique is better for me to increase page rank in just 2 or 3 months

  100. says

    Really great post Nandita. You got everything in this post about Page rank . I think that domain age does make a difference, but only a minor difference. That said optimizing many minor things leads to a major change.

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    Dear Nandita, thanks for providing wonderful insights on simple and effective techniques to improve page rank. I started my website around 1 year back. I have around 2.5 – 3 K visitors Daily. My website is listing high in search results for some important keywords. I have respectable back links , one from wiki too.

    Still, my page rank is 0. I am really disappointed, since i had put lot of effort to improve page rank by getting unique ip, improve site speed etc. Can you suggest me the possible reasons for this.

  102. says

    Quite useful info, thanks for sharing! I suggest that if the outbound links are coming from High PR websites, then it can work for you, if you are looking to improve your page rank.

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