Infographic Links May Be Discounted By Google

INFOGRAPHIC Links GoogleAre you a great fan of INFOGRAPHIC or planning to make one for your marketing campaign?

If your intention is good, it’s OK. But, if you are planning your infographic campaign from purely SEO point of view, then think twice.

Recently, in a candid interview with Eric Enge of, Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web-spam team revealed “ What he, or Google thinks about infographic as a link building campaign. ”

Cons of infographic

1. Misleading information (Sometimes): Many a times, people go far off topic, and the facts and figures they quote are very poor. What is the point making a shiny and catchy graphics, if the information it contains is baseless and wrong. Google will not credit you for misleading people with misleading figures.

2. Links from unrelated sites: Attracting links from unrelated sites by an infographic campaign will not going to help your site.

Lots of webmasters or bloggers, when re-publish the infographic, never think what they are endorsing or linking to. Often, they link to a completely unrelated site in the name of infographic. And, Google never likes this type of links.

Matt Says: The concept of INFOGRAPHIC is nothing wrong at all. But, in future, Google may discount shady infographic links for authority building.

Infographic is a great little tool for content marketing as well as link building. If it is done with great care and great research, along with good intention, then the outcome is highly encouraging.


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    as far as i know search engine spiders cant read the content/text of the image, so how they can decide whether the info given in the infographics is correct or not?

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      Hi Samy,

      Search Engines are about to release a technique called OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in near future, which can read text content within images (Infographics are text rich images).

      For your info – Search Engines are using a “facial recognition software”, which reads the images to some extent for image indexation. And, this technique is extensively used for image indexation for Google image search.


      Suppose, you publish an image of Tiger and named the file as elephant.png, with an ALT text ‘ Great Indian Elephant ‘. Your image of Tiger is not going to be found in Google Image Search for Elephant, when somebody will search for Elephant. Instead, it will be indexed under Tiger Search.

      I hope you understand this simple concept. And, discounting of unrelated incoming links for Infographic Marketing Campaign is Google’s future plan only.

      Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts.

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    You wont believe it yest only I received a mail asking me if i wanted a infographic for my site and was thinking about having one… But after reading your article i think its not really a good option to go with…

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