Search Engine Traffic Vs. Social Media Traffic

Search Engine Traffic Vs Social Media TrafficEvery webmasters and bloggers are asking one question these days – Which form of traffic is best for their websites or blogs? Search Engine Traffic or Social Media Traffic?

Search engine traffic, also known as Organic traffic can be generated by proper SEO of your website by making the site search engine friendly, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

Social media traffic, on the other hand, can be generated by networking with other social media users and promoting your site and content on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon etc.

Search Engine Traffic

Why Organic Traffic is considered as high quality? Because -

1. Informational query: they come from search engines with an intention to gain knowledge about the subject matter or, gather information about something.

2. Highly targeted: As, they come from search engines with a specific search query/search word or phrase, they are more specific or goal oriented.

3. High conversion: The conversion rate (sales) is very high with search engine traffic, whether informational query (less) or transactional query (more).

4. Constant source of traffic: If you have unique posts with proper SEO, and offer your visitors great value, then it can be a permanent source of traffic for your blog in long term.

You can update your older posts with fresh information and news to rank higher in Google SERPs and to maintain the higher ranks.

5. Trustworthy: Web-surfers consider a post or content trustworthy, when they come from search engines via searching for a term or phrase.

6. Always unique: Visitors from search engines are almost always unique in nature or first time visitors. So, every visit serves as a mini advertisement of your site with an opportunity to acquire a new fan and follower.

Social Media Traffic

Also known as “ Hot Traffic ” or “ Crazy Traffic ” is gaining popularity among webmasters and bloggers in recent years.

1. Incidental visitors: They come to your site because they are in your networking list or social networking friends. If that is not, they may not visit your site.

2. Repeat visitors: They are usually frequent visitors of your site, not unique in nature. Except visits by your new friends. Less scope of getting fans and followers compared to search engine visitors.

3. Less targeted with low conversion rate: As they are frequent and old visitors, they are considered as less targeted traffic with very less chance of sales conversion.

4. Temporary in nature: If tomorrow, he or she un-follow you or un-friend you, the he may not visit your site. Even though they are your social networking friends, they may not be interested in your stuff or content in future due to change of hobby.

Final words: As a professional webmaster or blogger, your maximum efforts should be to drive traffic from search engines by proper SEO for long term sustainability. Social media traffic is just a bonus in addition to search engine traffic.


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    We tend to agree with you, search engine traffic is the best and that’s the case on our blog as well, although we would like to see the social media and direct traffic gain some momentum!

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    Nandita you have raised an interesting topic about the efficiency of the traffic from search engines and social media sites! In my point of view , both type of traffic is important ! In this 2012 era, the internet marketing has to be a combination of search engine optimization and social media optimization, and studies have shown that the traffic from social media sites and search engines are different in their prospects! Thanks

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      Hi Adrian,

      In 2012 or 2013 era, Social media traffic may be considered HOT. But, from long term (10 to 15 yrs) point of view, we should concentrate more on SE traffic.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    Agree that search engine traffic is greater than social media traffic, but I think to truly be successful you need to grasp both. There are many ways to generate traffic and the more that we are able to understand and work on using, the more traffic we will ultimately have.

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    Traffic that came from Social Media mostly not persistent. They only come when you update your status.
    Traffic from Search Engine will more sustainable.
    That my opinion

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    Search engine traffic is more long term. While you rank up through the search engines, it can be for long term traffic. Whereas social media traffic is more short term and right now. Both have benefits to you blog. A blogger would be wise to use social media strategies until their search engine traffic gets built.

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    Many people are working hard to get traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Traffic from search engines are of top quality, which means that the traffic is highly targeted and is the most likely to convert and earn commissions for affiliates. In this affiliate marketing tips article, we are going to look at 3 major reasons why an affiliate should not depend on search engine traffic alone and should diversify into leveraging social media when building traffic for their affiliate sites.

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    thanks for this useful post. social media traffic is important but the search engine traffic is to be the most useful for the website. It is really informative the way, the points given here are explained. great post on seo traffic.

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