SEO Copywriting – 5 SEO Tips That Work

SEO CopywritingSEO Copywriting is a skill, much more in demand, in rapidly changing SEO and Copywriting techniques and rules.

SEO Copywriters are those skillful people, who textually compose webpages in such a way that, they rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Copywriting is the art of writing copy (text) for marketing a product, business or website in such a way that connects “The consumers and the brand emotionally and aesthetically.”

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the science of optimizing a website or blog (theme) and its content in such a way that, its webpages rank higher in search engines.

SEO Copywriters are experts in both the fields. While creating web-copy or web-pages they apply their SEO knowledge to make the contents search engine friendly.

SEO Copywriters are in great demand for Online content firms, Small and medium business and Big corporate houses to make their presence felt on world-wide-web in a better way, and to make a strong relationship with their product-users and fans.

5 SEO Copywriting Tips

I am going to tell you 5 SEO tips, that will help you to craft great online copy for ranking higher in search engines.

1. Title: Crafting great blog post title and optimizing cleverly for search engines is what, a Copywriter usually do.

After finalizing what keywords you are going to target, include them in your post title. Try to place your keywords at the beginning of the title. I mean, the more earlier you place your keywords in your post titles, the more valuable it will be for search engines, in terms of SEO.

There is no hard and fast rule to place the keywords at the beginning of the title. But, it should be there in the title somewhere.Your main aim should be to write a blog post title which flows naturally.

So, write a post title, which not only please Google, but also the dumbest reader of your blog.

Why Google give so much of importance to the keywords in title?

Firstly, the keywords in the title reflect the subject matter of the post. The keywords in the title give some hints to the web-searchers about the content beneath it.

Secondly, readers like to see their search terms in the post titles, in search results. By seeing their search keywords in the title, they imagine about the post content.

Restrict your blog post title to 60 characters, so that it will be fully visible on every search engines, resulting in higher CTR (click through rate). Most of the search engines support 60 characters for post title.

2. Content: Google loves fresh and unique content. You should produce content which should be able to solve your readers’ problem.

In fact, your contents should compel your readers to act upon.

Google also ranks higher contents which are fresh or up-to-date. You must have heard about the Google algorithm QDF or Query Deserve Freshness. If your blog post or news post contains latest updated facts and figures, Google ranks them higher.

Your blog posts should be in-depth and complete. Your blog readers should get the maximum or complete information from your single blog post. You may add some outgoing hyperlinks to other webpages for easy reference, for your readers.

And, don’t forget to give credit to maximum outgoing links on your post by ‘do-following. ’ It’s a known fact that, out of 200 signals in Google algorithm ‘do-follow links’ is a ranking signal for web pages.

Next, what should be your blog post or content length? It should be at least 300 words length, to avoid thin content penalty.

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3. Intent: Yes, intent is the only factor Google has been trying to concur while ranking contents, since its inception.

Although, Google has not succeeded to invent a search algorithm to measure a publisher’s intent, but has able to gauge from its other ranking factors.

Intent is going to be the big factor in Future SEO. Be prepared for it, from now on..

Actually, intent is a very complex psychology, and measuring it even more complex. It is, with the level of honesty you have composed and presented the copy or web-page.

Simply ask the below questions to know your intent -

(a) Do you really want to help your readers by producing this copy or blog post? Or, your main intention is to driving traffic and revenue.

(b) How much or how in-depth information you give to your readers in your blog posts?

The best solution is , write content right from your heart. And, Google is ready to rank your content higher.

4. Search Engine Friendly: Make your web-pages search engine friendly.

Everybody works hard to make their website or blog theme search engine friendly or SEO friendly. But they give very little or no importance while composing a web-page or web-copy.

To make your web-copy search engine friendly follow the below tips -

(a) Use as much HTML content as possible in your post, I mean, the lesser the flash, image or video contents, the better and easier for search engines for indexing and ranking.

(b) Always use Alt tags for images and videos in the post.

(c) Use a descriptive file name for your images and videos.

(d) Surround your images and videos with keyword rich content (keywords related to images and videos).

(e) Use proper H1, H2, H3… structure. Don’t use H1 more than once for SEO benefit.

(f) Use bullet points whenever required

5. Social Signal: Social media is going to stay for next 10 to 14 years, for sure. May be more than that. So also the social signal in SEO.

They will evolve themselves with frequent mutations, on consumers demand. Man is a social animal, and they will continue leveraging it till the end of the world-wide-web.

Be an authority contributor in social media sites like Facebook, Google+ or twitter etc.

Spammy activity like frequent promotion of your blog posts without interacting with your followers meaningfully will not do.

Google ranks higher to blog post or blog, if the social media accounts attached with it is authoritative or influential. Google also ranks content liked or tweeted by social media influences.

So, make your social media accounts likeable to your friends, followers, and of course Google.

You are most welcome to add your favorite SEO Copywriting Tips in comments below.


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    Copy-writing is definitely not an easy task to do and also plays an important role in SEO. As I was going through your post, I really like the tips that you have mentioned. It would be really helpful. Title and content do play an essential role in Copy-writing. An attractive title definitely attracts the attention of readers. Thanks for the post!!

  2. Ehsan Ullah says

    Hey Nandita B,

    Learning the SEO copyrighting is something which I always wanted to learn and I’ve also searched for it from long time because learning and teaching SEO is my favorite topic which I covered on my blog.

    Thanks for those tips and it’s great to connect with you.

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    Thanks a lot for such great tips. Actually I never heard of QDF, but it sounds good.
    And finally content is king ( But better optimization gives better results )

    • says

      Hi Vivek,

      QDF or Query Deserve Freshness is a ranking signal of Google since quite a long time.

      During an event of Earthquake or Super-cyclone, if you publish live or updated contents or news, with lots of query for the same, Google ranks you higher.

      QDF is very important for news contents or news portals.

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    I am glad to hear that web copywriters are capable of doing both copywriting and as well as SEO works:) This task definitely requires well practice. Thank you for these valuable points:)

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      Hey Tom,

      Thanks for liking my first SEO Copywriting Post on MoneyCTL.

      I want my blog readers to be a Dumbest Genius like YOU. But there is one Tom Altman who is Dumgenius!

      Thanks for stopping by.

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    I think that it would be great to have this 5 SEO tips that work. I know that many people are also interested to learn about this SEO tips. I think that it would help them a lot for their success to come true.

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