SEO Industries Of the World – 10 Facts and Figures You Don’t Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

SEO Industries of the WorldIs World SEO industry that much big to challenge the Online Social Media ? Yes, it is!

A Spanish SEO firm BlueCaribu has produced an INFOGRAPHIC with 10 facts and figures which reminds the Online-World how big is the world seo industry!

Los Angeles and California may be the #1 US city to search for the term “ SEO ”, but India is the top country where more number of people are interested about SEO strategy.

The number of different SEO books available on is 2696. Top 3 best-sellers are 1. SEO made simple  2. SEO: An hour a day  3. The Art of SEO.

There are 106 million blog posts about SEO, where as Social Media has 89.4 million.

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SEO Industries Facts and Figures


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    Since you’ve mentioned March being the most popular month for SEO, I have noticed some blogs that have posts about the top techniques in SEO for the year which are published around that month. A lot are still posting things about the best techniques of the year up until now, but there really are blogs out there that have posted that much about SEO during the month of March.

    = Gerald Martin, White Label SEO =

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    India,Pakistan and Philipines are the top countries searching for seo. I guess this is because people outsource a lot of IT related work to these countries ( through odesk, etc ). So this mean that SEO related work are outsourced to these countries :)
    And march is the popular month for the term seo because probably of the influence of penguin and panda update. ( not too sure on this one though)

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    That is some useful information. Maybe we can look up trends to predict when people are searching for something. Like halloween, this shows a major spike trend in October… :) I guess this would also be with other seasonal products and vacations and such…

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