10 SEO Tips for 2012 to Keep Panda, Penguin and Kangaroo in The Zoo

SEO TipsAre you looking for SEO tips for 2012 to rank higher in Google and other SEs?

From SEO point of view 2012 is a defining year. A year in which 2 otherwise innocent animals giving sleepless nights to SEO practitioners all over the world.

Rules of the jungle has changed, and has been changing everyday. And, these so called innocent looking beasts are sending red warning messages to webmasters, every now and then.

To keep yourself safe, and to climb the Google ladder in 2012, I will tell you 10 Best SEO Tips.

10 SEO Tips for 2012

1. Thin content: Stay away from thin content and produce quality content for your visitors. If you make your readers happy, Google will make you happy. But, not the vice versa.

Thin content is a part of Google Panda algorithm updates. Google introduced an algorithm in the name of Panda in Feb 24, 2011 to fight poor content or thin content produced by content firms.

Although introduced for content firm, this algorithm update is applicable for all types of sites and blogs.

2. Blog networks: Avoid blog networks. Google hates un-natural link exchange between blogs.

Due to the explosion of blogging activities in recent years, lots of blog networks have taken birth. They basically exchange links between themselves in the name of a schemes or contests.

3. Keyword stuffing: If you really want to stuff something, then stuff your blog with good contents, not your blog post with keywords.

Never ever write for Google, in fact write for your visitors or readers. If you write for Google in the name of SEO, Google will write-off your blog for sure.

4. Exact anchor text: Avoid exact or same anchor texts from other sites. Your anchor texts for inbound links should be natural.

If you are acquiring backlinks by guest blogging then always change your anchor texts.

5. Directory submission: Don’t submit your blog to zillions of directories just blindly. If you are using blog directories for SEO purposes only then very shortly you will be under Google scanner.

Instead, submit your blog to few selected/reputed directories with high traffic for exposure only. Always remember – Google never counts spammy links from cheap directories.

6. Cloaking: Never show different things to search engines and your readers to gain SE ranking.

If you try to fool the Google, then she will fool you for ever. Make the same contents available for both of them.

7. Spammy outbound links: Never link spammy sites. If you build bad neighborhood, Google will nu-neighbor you!

You should mention only authoritative or sites not involved in spammy activities.

8. -Ve SEO: Keep an eye on spammy inbound links from your competitors. They may harm your reputation and rankings -Vely.

Although Bing has introduced ‘ Disavow Links ’ feature to exclude any spammy inbound links, Google is still silent.

9. Paid links: Buying links should not be in your link building strategy. Google is giving dirty looks to sites buying links for SEO purposes.

Your link building process should be natural and long term. Over-night link building strategy by buying 1000s of links is not going to work.

10. Under-use your SEO talent: Don’t try to show your SEO talent every time you write an article.

You just concentrate on producing amazing contents and Google will take care rest of the things.

Which SEO tips you think most important in 2012 to avoid Panda and Penguin?


  1. says

    Avoiding links with same anchor is one of the tips that has changed the backlinking tactics. Previously Google considered it fine to have almost 30-35% of your baclinks with the same anchor text but now it has reduced this number down to 5-10%.
    Google should understand that changing rules in between the game is kind of dictatorship.

  2. says

    Thanks, your judgement very interesting, I also think that by and large changes of google aren’t fatal, differently all search would be on another…

  3. says

    It’s funny at how many people actually do these things thinking they are creating a great blog! The best tip you gave was not buying links. Stay away from Fiverr links..these are garbage!

  4. says

    Thank you Nandita.

    I too have begun to thin my content somewhat. Some of my old content was junk and I’m not sure anyone has ever gone there – we’ll call it spring cleaning. :)

  5. AlyceAnn says

    You have posted a very good information about getting good at SEO. How about content quality. We can even add header,bold and italic tags to highlight the keywords. Hope that adds to your valuable information. Thanks for sharing the information. Many will benefit from it.

    Internet Marketing Services Los Angeles

  6. says

    There is simple way to beat the panda,penguin etc. Improve your On page SEO score and build the authority site links from webpages with High PR yourself. Its a long and tedious process.

    Yes , I said High PR webpages not just links from webpages that are from domain with high PR . There is a big difference between the 2 types of links and unfortunately 99% of people do not understand it and end up wasting their time and money backing the wrong horse.

    Either you do it yourself or find someone competent enough to do it for you , provided you are willing to wait for 2 -5 months to get the best ranking as it takes time for indexing and PR updates to be completed.

    All the best !

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