The Truth Behind "Crunchy Numbers"

Imagine you’ve just started getting 1 million hits/day on your blog!

Because, the Big G has updated one algo which favoured you unexpectedly, or you played an seo trick which Danny Sullivan or even Matt Cutts are not aware off, or you simply  stumbled-upon over Alladin’s lamp.

You can hear the sounds of AdSense clicks non-stop on your blog, even when you’re snoring like a wild bear in the night. Finally, at the end of the month you get an AdSense cheque of $100,000.

Now I will ask you two questions, and please be honest while answering these:

1. Would you like to tell everybody that you earned $100,000 last month?
2. Would you like to share your secret trick with everybody which helped you to earn this fortune?

Obviously, no. Bloggers who earn big bucks never disclose, and even they don’t reveal their top secrets for getting millions of page views. Yes, many a times they usually tell you – how to be a successful blogger, and earn good money, etc.

Then, why few bloggers always blow their own trumpets? Like – How I earned $50,000 last month? Or, how I double my traffic in every 30 days? Or even, how I charge $500 for writing a single blog post or article?

Why I’m telling this?

A friend of mine who has a master degree in Computer Science. He quit his $2,000/m day job, and started blogging.

Despite protest by his parents, and some good advices by his well wishers and friends for not quitting the regular job. I had not yet started my blogging career at that time.

The reason he took the big decision to be a full-time blogger instead of a software engineer was – he was fully influenced by these “crunchy numbers.”

After 18 months of constant blogging, finally, his heart broke! He was earning a mere $100/m with all his blood, sweat and hard work. He realized all the blunt promises by these so called famous bloggers. He realized how much damage he had done to his career. He suffered a chronic depression.

Psyche behind crunchy numbers …

Look at few examples below – how these blog posts lure newbie bloggers, and even seasoned bloggers!

On my way to another $100,000 month – by John Chow of He says, he breaks his own earning records months after months, and how easily he earns 100s of 1000s dollars. Check out here…

7 Steps to getting that $100,000 deal – by Neil Patel of His posts are always like – Double your traffic in every 30 days, Why I lose $1,671,120 a year for my brand, etc. Check out here…

How I went from $15 to $450 per article in 90 days – on owned by Bamidele Onibalusi. He proclaims how he guest blogs on 100s of sites and drives server crushing traffic to his blog. How he charges 100s of $s for a single copy-writing, etc. Check out here…

This reminds me of an article by the legendary thought leader/blogger Seth Godin: How to make money online.

This is a trick by these self proclaimed bloggers to lure, inspire, and even fool newbie bloggers to increase their page views, buy their products, and subscribe their Emails.

1. If these bloggers will reveal their actual earnings or page views, nobody will follow them and their blogs. Because nobody likes failure, or failed blogger.

2. By repeating these crunchy numbers on their blog, they create an illusion. They always boast how they get loads of traffic, and earn 10s of 1000s of dollars every months. So, if you follow them;you can also be like them after 30 days, or few months.


Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. There is no shortcut!

Your hard work and consistency will make you a great blogger in long run. Don’t be in a hypnotic state and expect too much by reading these self proclaimed bloggers.

Wish you good-luck from all the animal updates by Google, and stay safe in year 2014. Happy Blogging


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    I loved this post. While I started reading blogs, even I was very much fascinated with success stories of bloggers. How they make 3k-4k $ per month, I must say that amount is huge for me. But after I digged in for some more time, the false-truth was almost visible. Not all bloggers who claim to be successfull, earn this kind of money. Even those stories are SEO tactcis to earn more visitors.

  2. says

    I have seen such blog posts many a times. When I started my blogging career, even I was fascinated and fooled by this. I really thought of making such a big amount of money through blogging. And maybe that’s why I started blogging at first place but now, I know all of this is a myth. Those people are just lying to make money for themselves. Now, I blog because of my passion, not because of money and I think, this is the only trick that would work. Blog because you want to share not because you want to earn money. Money will come itself.

  3. says

    Hi Manpreet,

    You’ve really summarized the entire article beautifully with a live-example of yours. Thanks for adding your thoughts.

    Happy blogging :)

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