Toolbar Page Rank Update: Google's Christmas Surprise For Webmasters

Surprise…Surprise – Google has updated Toolbar Page Rank today morning, on Dec 6th, 2013.

It’s a big surprise to webmaster and SEO community as Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web-spam team had tweeted (Oct 6th) – “I would be surprised if there will be a PR  update before 2014.”

The last update was on Feb 4th, 2013. Almost 10 months back. So, it’s like a Christmas Gift for webmasters to celebrate. Obviously for those who have gained

Personally, I think Google should stop updating Toolbar PR. It is just one of the 200 ranking signals used by Google. And, over the years the weighted of PR as a ranking signal has been reduced. Time-spent, and trust & authority of a domain/page has much more significance these days.

You should know: Google updates Page Rank internally every now and then for content ranking purposes. And it is called innate PR. Toolbar PR update is for the outer world only.

The reasons I don’t like Google PR: (1) It encourages obsessive linkbuilding among webmasters. Many a times, the end result being a Google Penalty. (2) There are so many ranking factors out there (superior than PR) which we should work upon.

Future of Toolbar PR update: Google may stop updating Page Rank in year 2014, and forever.

Look – what Matt has to say about PR update (via tweet):

On Mar 2nd, 2013, I changed my domain name from MoneyCtl to SEOHour. It was just after the last PR update. So the Page Rank of SEOHour was 0 (ZERO) till today. Now I can see a figure 2 on Toolbar Page Rank.

Have you gained or lost your PR in this surprise update by Google? Share your mood in the comments below.


  1. says

    There is something behind Matt Cutts laughing face. He is making webmasters fool.
    He says: “I hesitate to say “I’d be surprised” :) but in general I’d expect PR updates to be less of a priority.” ? What kind of hesitation. Few days before he said i will be surprised if he found and PR update before 2014.

    I think, he is not head of Google’s Webspam team if he don’t know what will be happened in future.

    It totally waste of time to focusing on any update by Google.

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    My few blog’s PR has been decreased i.e from PR3 to PR0 and PR2 to PR0. It is really bad but i don’t care it. But I’m happy that my primary blog has gained promotion in PR.


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