Top 10 Earning Blogs and Bloggers In India

Top 10 Indian blogs and bloggers who are earning big bucks by blogging are actually trendsetter for Indian bloggers and inspiration for millions of bloggers all around the World.

They rule the roost in blogosphere. They dictate authority in their niche.

They work from their home, in their own time, express their thoughts independently, freakout in their free time and finally “ Live their Life King Size ” earning big money consistently.

Their bio-data, blogging activities and rise in the blogging arena truly inspire newbie bloggers of India and Worldwide. I have compiled the earnings data of the top 10 blogs in India by considering or analyzing the below parameters. Income from offline activities are excluded.

  • Google AdSense, BuySellAds or likes
  • Affiliate income
  • Personal feedback
  • Page views, CTR, Google PR/Alexa

List of top 10 earning blogs in India

1# Blog Name:  Founder: Amit Agarwal

Alexa Traffic Rank = 1997  Google PR = 6

Earnings / month = US$ 10,000

Mr. Amit Agarwal is the undisputed king of Indian blogosphere. Basically, he blogs about Science and Technology in his blog called Digital Inspiration.

An engineer of Computer Science from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), worked for Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, Amit quits his job in 2004 to become India’s first and only professional blogger.

He has been the winner of MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award by Microsoft for 5 consecutive years( 2007-2011). His India Blog School is a true guide for newbie bloggers. His blog is the 1st top earning blog in India.

2# Blog Name:  Founder: Jaspal Singh

Alexa Traffic Rank = 10,331  Google PR = 4

Earnings / month = US$ 4000

Mr. Jaspal Singh founded his technology blog in Oct 2009. A Mechanical Engineer cum Professional Blogger has set an example for newbies – How to be a successful blogger.

He also likes playing guitar, violin and regular workout in the gym. His blog is the 2nd top earning blog in India.

3# Blog Name:  Editor in Chief: Sandip Dedhia

Alexa Traffic Rank = 34,749  Google PR = 5

Earnings / month = US$ 3800

This technology blog was founded in 2008 by 7 guys, leading by Sandip Dedhia. They usually write about technology, gadgets and latest news about technology. His blog is the 3rd top earning blog in India.

4# Blog Name:  Founder: Nirmal Balachandran

Alexa Traffic Rank = 21,047  Google PR = 4

Earnings / month = US$ 3500

Nirmal started his blogging career in 2007. He is a Civil Engineer cum Software Engineer cum Professional Blogger. He is from the city of backwater Kochi, Kerala. Presently he lives in Mangalore.

He blogs about technology, WordPress and blogging. His instructional/tutorial articles are quite helpful for newbie bloggers. His blog is the 4th top earning blog in India.

5# Blog Name:  Founder: Harsh Agrawal

Alexa Traffic Rank = 7,339  Google PR = 4

Earnings / month = US$ 3000

Harsh Agrawal quits his job from IT firm Convergys and became a full time professional blogger in Sep 2008. He writes about blogging, WordPress, SEO and technology.

Apart from blogging he offers plenty of blogging related services on ShoutMeLoud. Besides blogging he loves traveling. His blog is the 5th top earning blog in India.

6# Blog Name:  Founder: Amit Bhawani

Alexa Traffic Rank = 20,133  Google PR = 4

Earnings / month = US$ 2800

Started his blogging career in 2007, Amit writes about blogging, SEO and technology. Recently he received the 2011 Best  Samsung Mob!lers Award at Seoul, Korea. He also runs an SEO firm in Hyderabad. His blog is the 6th top earning blog in India.

7# Blog Name:  Founder: Rahul Banshal

Alexa Traffic Rank = 22,802  Google PR = 4

Earnings / month = US$ 2000

Rahul Bansal started  in 2006. This blogs covers technology, social networking, gadgets and internet related articles.

Mr. Aditya Kane and Mr. Sauravjit Singh are the two other writers for this successful blog. Mr Aditya Kane has written more than 1000 articles for this blog, single handedly alone. His blog is the 7th top earning blog in India.

8# Blog Name:  Founder: Arun Prabhudesai

Alexa Traffic Rank = 13,607  Google PR = 5

Earnings / month = US$ 1800

Arun created his blog in 2007. He blogs about finance and technology. He is an avid internet geek and spends more than half of the day in front of the computer. His blog is the 8th top earning blog in India.

9# Blog Name:  Founder: Rohit Langde

Alexa Traffic Rank = 38,266  Google PR = 4

Earnings / month = US$ 1600

Rohit Langde is the editor-in-chief and owner of He is a Mechanical Engineer cum professional blogger. A technology enthusiast, usually blogs about software, internet, gaming and various tutorials about technology. His blog is the 9th top earning blog in India.

10# Blog Name:  Founder: Srinivas Tamada

Alexa Traffic Rank =7,577  Google PR = 4

Earnings / month = US$ 1400

Srinivas started blogging in 2009 and founded He usually blogs about programming, social media and technology. His blog is the 10th top earning blog in India.

P.S. Utmost care has taken while compiling all the data available to produce a list of Top 10 earning Blogs and Bloggers in India. Suggestion are most welcome to make this list perfect.


  1. says

    Its wrong.. How can you post this without any research . There are many many and many Bloggers in India who earn a lot of money from Blogging , how can you write you have mentioned 2blogs who earns less than $1000 per month. Do you think that Indian Bloggers are so Poor.. Ha Ha.. Plz do proper analysis before Posting on any topic. And the Amount which you have mentioned is also wrong.

    • says

      Take the case of

      Earning from BuySellAds = US$ 100 to US$ 200 / month
      Earning from Google AdSense = US$ 500 to US$ 600 / month

      Total Earning = US$ 600 to 800 only.

      # This earning list is prepared after proper analyzing of different income source (Online).
      ## Indian Bloggers are no way poor by any means.

      • says

        If you have did that by proper analyzing of different income source (Online), then where is which have alexa 21,931 and pr5 ???? I think his rank will be in 2nd or 3rd…

        • says

          Hey Likan. For your info # Alexa Rank has nothing to do with actual earning. It can be manipulated in many ways to fool Premium advertiser. But, advertisers always do their home work properly before putting their money to work.

          Secondly, earns approximately US$ 2,000 to 2,200 / month and qualifying for the 7th spot after Which I have missed here. Thank you for the TIP. I will do the necessary suffling in the list ASAP.

          If you are so concerned, please talk to the Founder of the Blog you are talking about, before quoting so called artificially inflated earning figures to mislead newbie bloggers. Be practical ! Be on the ground ! :)

      • says

        Please do some research; how can you rank “Harsh” & “Amit” with such a low income. They make double of the mentioned amount. Please confirm with the owner itself or change the Title. It can’t be “Top blogger”.

          • says

            I have seen the monthly income report of Harsh Agrawal on his own blog and it was huge – double to your mentioned amount. Somewhere to $8500.

        • says

          You can’t assess a blog’s income by simply reading an article by the blog owner himself. In case of AdSense earning unique visitors and page views matters the most.

          # Unique visitors helps determining the number of clicks.
          ## Page views and CTR (click through rate) are extremely crucial in AdSense earning.

          Take the case of Harsh Agrawal ( His income from BuySellAds is US$ 250 only.

          Combined earnings (online only) I have given US$ 3200 / month.

          • IamGautia says

            Guys don’t quarrel among yourself. Its the world of internet and India is one of the cheapest destinations to get web articles. The Contents/articles are written by persons just like you and me so its bound to have some mistakes.

      • says

        i completely agree
        Indian bloggers makes far less than what foreign country bloggers make becoz our PPC is far less, you will get money only when you target foreign visitors

      • says

        Well! The list isn’t correct at all. You probably don’t know many Indian Blogger. I personally earn more than many of the list. Amit Bhawani’s last statement shows he earn more than $14k each month stated in his own blog and as per his last interview he earn $45000+. Fonearena, Gaeatimes are also own by Indian resident. So, you have to admit, you don’t research much. Anyway, I drop here when I finding something else.

        • Bala murali says

          Yes I agree with you . Amith Agarwal making $50K above after launching AndroidAdvices . Above reports are the earnings of the particular bloggers in around 2008.

        • wiz sage says

          The figures are secondary but @ Nandita B – Only if your analysis be expressed with quality content . :(

    • says

      Likan , its a fixing program yaar , Nadita isn’t earning money from google adsense , so she hade to fix those name to make some money from themselves …. to promote those below sites , she posted this article … okay , i’ll not open those Articles .
      suggestion : 1st Research about it and then post an article .

    • says

      yea this is not correct, i have seen the cheques of Amir nasir, earning more than 2000 USD easily and apart from him there are many bloggers in his team earning more than 1200 $. they all have been excluded.

      • says

        Just giving you a monthly report of ShoutmeLoud as an example which claims its earnings to be USD 9000 in March 2011. You can estimate the current earnings based on it. The figures shown by you are discouraging for the wannabe bloggers.

  2. Abhisek Rai Akrant says

    Can’t believe this. I think it’s high time you did proper research. This post fails badly. You need to enlighten yourself about the industry….

  3. Rajan Bindra says

    Totally wrong post…………dont try to get links or traffic by posting such a cheap posts///// Haha you are problogger,,,,,,, If this is called problogger…. then i do not want to be pro blogger.. Do complete research, you can attract the newbies only, but not the bloggers who are blogging from quite time. I cannot really believe that someone can create such a stupid post. By the way, you are problogger, can’t stop laughing over this post by so called pro blogger.

  4. says

    Hi … I think you haven’t research properly ,….A blogger Amir Nasir is also earning around 1500 -2000$ from adsense with a blog ..check it

    • Shaan says

      Dear EYAN,
      If you work for BlogSolute, then just find out how much Rohit Langde earn every month. Then we will compare the figures given by Nandita.

      Faisala On The SPOT !

  5. says

    This is an interesting take on Bloggers Income & top earning blogs!

    While your list is 50% accurate according to your title of the blog post. I would suggest the following

    1] To make it 100% accurate: Make sure you change the title or description to: Top 10 Most Known, Most Earning Blogs….


    2] Do some more research and dig more into other blogs & bloggers who are not Most Known to other Indians but yet, are doing great behind the scene!

    I am in no way in intention of offending anyone but just trying to get the value from the content. Thats what Google Panda also says.

    A user should get what the title of the post says! 😛

  6. Jass says

    If Amit Agarwal is making just 17k, then I should be on the no. 1 spot, coz I’m making far more than that. Absolutely wrong info, you must do your research properly.

    • Sanjay says

      Boss, Amit Agarwal is making US$ 17,000 not Rs. 17,000 according to Nandita. US$ 17,000 means > Rs. 8 Lakh. What is the blog you are owning which make > Rs. 8 Lakh.

      • Jass says

        I know these figures are in USDs And yes I make more than $17k/month. If you want the URLs of my sites then sorry coz I don’t want to get click bombed. Those who are really making some big bucks know why I’m not disclosing my sites :)

        • Sanjay says

          If you are really making more than US$ 17,000, then what are you doing here ? Why you are wasting your time here ?

          Go to Mauritius and have FUN :)

          • Jass says

            Looks like you are here to defend her. I posted comment just to let others know that we are making much more than what she has posted. Talking about fun, as she said, yes I’m really living my life King Size 😉

  7. Sanjay says

    Hi Nandita. You have quoted all the earning figures very meticulously. I know few bloggers you have mentioned & their earnings are almost same as you mentioned.
    Good Job Nandita. Thank you for the real info.

  8. says

    Just stay cool guys why to take that much tension if you think that anyone having more income then you give there name in comment…and this is the tough job to know the best ten montize blogger so we cant accept 100% perfection and the king is on top so why to take tension …Happy blogging guys…

    • says

      By simply reading an article about earning you convinced ? Have you checked 1. Unique visitors / m, 2. Visitors received from search engines. B’cos they are the people usually click on the AdSense Ads, not the regular or bookmarked visitors.

      Also, check the page views /m for better idea about approximate earning.

  9. Anon says

    Honey there are over 1000 small bloggers who make more than 1000 $ a month. please get your stats right. :) I know because i am one of them.

  10. says

    Sorry Nandita, but it seems your income estimation is totally wrong. I know it because I myself earn more than 1000$ monthly online and on top of that i know around 50-100 other Indian bloggers who earn more than 1000$. Probably you should do some better research when coming up with such kind of posts because not only does it disregard the income of the bloggers listed but also blogging as a profession since there are many newbies out there who take inspiration through the earnings of others. But any ways by some ways you did get the list right but the figures wrong.

    • says

      Hi Shiva. Your blog earns approximately:

      From BuySellAds = US$ 110
      From Google AdSense = US$ 500 to 600
      Total Earning = US$ 710 approximately.
      Happy blogging:-)

  11. says

    Nandita this article is good. I see many are against your work but you might have applied some logic to make this article go live so you might differ from others point of view and also there are 1000’s of bloggers now who are making decent money so not required everyone get listed here but I would prefer if you would’ve made “List of Top 20 Earners of Indian bloggers”…. So that all above commentors could see their fav Blogger listed in your list. :)

  12. Harsih says

    They are lots of Bloggers who earn lots of money. This title is not suitble for this article, You can use “most popular” or something else. 1000$ is not a big task for a Blogger 😀

    BTW am happy to see 9lessons and here, its worth reading :)

  13. says

    Hi Nandita,

    Your provided info most of it is wrong.
    There is no point arguing. Instead please research and then post or else make post noindex.
    There are hundreds of bloggers earning above $1000 easily.
    Your estimated shivas earning also wrong.

    Soumya earns much more. He is having dedicated adsense account.

    Just estimating randomly and what your mind says doesnot help.

  14. says


    Instead of “top 10 earning blogs”, change the title to “List of Indian Blogs Making Money Online”.

    That way you can keep on adding to this post.

    The names you have mentioned clearly don’t complete the real purpose of “top 10″ lists. The “top 10″ lists are always ultimate ones…and this list is not.

    Anyways, nice writing :)

  15. says

    OMG! “ONLY” US$ 17,000 are u friggin kidding me?
    Plz! dont post such articles without proper research!
    even lots of alexa ranks & pageranks are stated wrong!
    Take it in positive way, & plz make corrections in the article.

    • Sanjay says

      No yaar, she has mentioned correct Alexa Rank and Google PR for all the blogs. I have personally checked everything. But, the earning part is very much difficult to digest.

    • says

      Hi Srinivas. It’s an honor to see you here. I will appreciate your efforts, if you please mention your earnings from in details. Earning should be per month and online only from

      This will put an end to the speculations of fellow Indian bloggers.

      Happy Blogging.
      Nandita B

  16. Joe says

    The figures are a little discouraging, and possibly inaccurate. But I won’t comment on that.

    You might want to consider Harshad Ghodke of TheDotComBlog fame. I think he’s making a decent amount of money from affiliate sales.

    And I can vouch for Jass (refer this comment). I know he makes more than $17,000 a month from his sites and services.

    I also know another guy from Delhi who makes a ton more than the guys on your list. He’s a good friend of mine. Of course, he never reveals his blogs…why risk getting click-bombed? He has a network of blogs on different niches which he monetizes using Adsense, Clickbank, CPA, etc.

    Either way, good list. Your effort is commendable.

    • says

      Thanks Joe for the info.

      # People those really earn big or big websites of the World never fear ClickBomb. In fact they were never ClickBombed in their career. Of course they take few great measures to avoid it.

      ## It is the smaller websites who struggle to earn and always show/tell an inflated earnings always fear ClickBomb. And, they always suffer from ClickBomb also due to lack of proper protection.

    • says

      I fully agree with Joe. There are people like Harshad who make much more than most of the people listed here. Nandita is assuming the blog income based on alexa ranking and Google adsense. Lot of top bloggers across the world do not have adsense on their blogs and they make much more money with affiliate sales. Guessing a blog’s income merely on its traffic makes no sense. Harshad has written a post about this on his blog –

      I think your post has correct stats if you are talking only about the adsense income. Some of the blogs you have posted above also have affiliate links in their post and they might be making more than what you have posted just with affiliate income.

  17. says

    Going by number of visitors, you can’t judge the amount a blogger is earning. In certain niche, eCPM is as high as 5-7$ whereas in some niche it is below 1$ too.
    Also, there are many bloggers who don’t show off their earnings due to Income tax issues and all. Also, there is a case of premium advertisement in case of popular blogs in the tech niche where eCPM doesn’t matter at all.
    From my experience in the internet field for past 4 year says that top 10 bloggers would be those who are earning more than 4-5k per month easily :)

  18. says

    Hi Nandita, first of all I must thank you for making this detailed post about the leading bloggers from India. However, there are few important things to consider here:
    1) You have missed the name of Tony John from India who owns and many other websites. He must be earning more that many of the above listed people.
    2) There are many bloggers in India who have network of blogs. One of my clients for whom I write articles has more than 300 blogs in his network.

  19. says

    Hi Krishna,
    First of all, IndiaStudyChannel is not a blog, it’s a website (your hyperlink is not working due to typo) as it is not built upon any blogging software.

    Secondly, the blogger should be well known for his or her blog and blog posts/articles in the blogosphere.

    There are 1000s of websites in India who earn huge, whom we are not considering as they don’t fall under blog category.

    Finally, who maintain 300 blogs in his networks must be a Super-Human or Spammer. The latter is for sure.


  20. says

    Hi, Nandita
    The one who owns 300 blogs also has 30 permanent employees for adding content to his website. But he also started on his own. The same applies to many of the above in the list. For example Amit Bhawani also has a number of blogs where content is written by his writers.

  21. bhushan says

    Check with he is the one who earned $1,00,000 from blogging on excel, earn almost 20% income through google adsense. He was recently in news after paying income tax and submitting source

  22. says


    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I discourage reading comments. People here instead of appreciating your efforts trying to pull you down only because they are not in your list.

    Keep going Nandita !


    • says

      Trisha, if everybody would reveal their earnings, this blog post wouldn’t have existed.

      That’s why we work hard and try to calculate a blogger’s earning by considering various parameters.

  23. says

    Ya figures do change. So, you guys should not be having fight over authenticity of the article. All 50 articles on Indian Blogger’s income that I Googled gave different earning figures. A long as I earn just 5$ a week I don’t care for others..

  24. says

    I like your blog. I will come back to watch and learn. I have a review-site about affiliate marketing. It,s mostly testing different marketing guides, but maybe you find something interesting.

  25. says

    This blog is for bloggers to get some info on the income.

    Looks like all the -Ve comments are done be peers who are competitors of the blog author Nandita B, and just try in different ways to let her down…. competition is good but must have some ethics to it…

    Be nice and polite in writing, ” NO one is right – No one is Wrong ” ” No one wins, No losses” it the Almighty who wins always… Love each other and become almighty….

  26. says

    hey Nandita, you have left a blogger who sometime makes 1k in a single day.His name is sushant risodkar from should be included in the list.Please research well before posting the article.

  27. says

    I am a newbie to blogging trying to help high schoolers. check out . Just wanted to ask that does adsense give preference to indians?

  28. Nitesh Singh says

    Hi Nandita,

    I don’t know which parameter you used to judge their revenue and don’t even to comment on its authencity.

    But I m sure that you have researched a lot and you made one of the most controversial post.

    Good blog and good blogging strategy. Best of luck with your adsense account(i know you will try for that).

    @srinivas, nice to see your comment on the blog.

    Nitesh Singh

  29. MaxSteve says

    Hey Lady,
    Nice clean article. Please allow me to give few inputs.

    1. Want to see some date on articles, preferably in mm-dd-yy format. So that reader can know when the article was written / published.
    Or else one has to see / read / guess the article publish date by reading the comments.

    2. It would have been nice if you take up a series like this, but for a larger number of blogs, Say top 20 or top 50 or even top 100.

    3. It would have been great, if you had also published the formula or calculation method by which you came to ‘THE’ final earning figure.

    4. Also it would have been great if you publish some article for noobs like me who want to earn some money via blogging but do not have the necessary know how knowledge.
    It’ll be great if you enlist a necessary check list and some tip & tricks from your SEO wisdom tooth. :)

    Good Luck.

    • says

      Thank you for the nice suggestions. I will definitely work on these points.

      In near future I will be publishing your requested articles like 1# Working knowledge for – How to Launch and Run a Blog? 2# SEO Check-up list for your every blog post.


  30. says

    @Nandita B, you fought well with some of the commentators.
    @Unhappy people (with the given list off-course), correct or incorrect, Nandita has been able to make you go through her post and has also been able to generate good page views for this post.. :p

  31. says

    Hi Nandita ,
    Thanks for the updated earning summary of the great Indian bloggers.
    most respected Narayan moorthy and Amit Agarwal opened two income stream for Indian economy. Infosys stands for service based IT companies , Digital inspiration stands for creative bloggers.
    I disagree with your earning estimate provided .
    A professional blogger sell many products
    1. Blogging and tech tips on own blog
    2. Digital books and resources such as training materials
    3. Offline activities such as speech , training etc
    4. review of affiliated products
    5. Youtube Video contents
    6. Content writing for other firms like technology columns
    All these provide sources of income like ads , royalty , affiliate income ….
    so this estimation process is little complicated and may give large variation with the original one.
    But when we leave the number game this story provide motivation to the Indian blogging community
    Thank you

  32. says

    Hi guys,
    Why to fight among ourselves. Lets check how Nandita made her calculation. Nanditha, if you feel right in your terms, can you please share how you came to conclusion of their earnings and what all the parameter you took into account?

  33. says

    This post is pretty much Not appropriate. I Guess you gave figures by 1/4. I am pretty sure these are not Correct figures.
    Thanks for the post anyways :)

  34. says


    Thanks for posting this detail, I really inspired to read this blog. It motivates me to write. I am a professional writer with 3.5 years of experience.


  35. Ritu says

    This does not make sense. Though your title says top 10 earning blogs, you have only listed tech blogs.

    I know a makeup blog who’s alexa rank is 15k ! And they obviously earn much more from ads as well as PR’s

  36. says

    The 1st ranking blogger is the real master blaster of all blogger.

    The others, guys please take that as examples only.

    Nice post Nandita..

  37. says

    I personally think techpp owner and guidingtech owner(s) earns lot more than few of the bloggers listed above, I may be wrong though. Anyway thanks for inspiring newbie bloggers like me, and I am sure if you continue to write such controversial posts you will soon see yourself featured on such list on some other sites 😛
    :) happy blogging

  38. says

    This information is completely wrong. Well, I have no idea about Sandeep, Rohit or Nirmal’s revenue but I have seen tremendous growth in Harsh, Amit A and Amit B’s revenue which mentioned here is wrong.

  39. Dr Faizan says

    Bakwas news :) I happened to come here accidentally and I have also gone through a couple of comments in the begining. No offence against the writer but I have been to many blogs and in fact some of my own blogs are making beyond $10k/month.

  40. says

    Its difficult to make money, I know few sites which are rated 15k according to alexa. But, it’s google adsense income is 50k INR per month. Sometimes, it’s not what you think. Take for example I had perfect ad space, good content, inspite of that I was making very less from Adsense, Hence I decided to take of adsense and started lead based programs. Lead programs are the best.

  41. says

    Thanx for nice inspirational post. I have also started a blog specially for multimedia n designs –

    Hope to join ur list soon.

  42. says

    Hi Nandita,
    I will Be listed here soon, be ready to update this post. i am just waiting for six months after that i will apply for adsense and i have already high traffic and quality content.

  43. says

    Have you searched well on the net before posting this? This is incorrect info, may be outdated one. I once used to post wrong info in my blog and now you have started it. There are so many well known Bloggers and Hidden Bloggers are there who are highly professionals on this since decade. I have gone various related subject articles since a week, I came to know one of them is as follow;

    Tony John is one of the top AdSense earners in India. He has been using it for more than 10 years, from the time AdSense was started. Some of his blogs like IndiaStudyChannel and Techulator are much more popular than the blogs you have mentioned above. See his experience here – I added that site URL for your information.

    Do proper research before you publish such an article.

  44. says

    Hey, The same should be done as per Alexa rank, there are many sites from India earns huge .. Estimation may be right, but not 100%. you have also not shown the calculation. May you check at my reccent post for the same..

    After all thanks for the info

  45. Rajarshi Manna says

    Whatever may be the earning of blogger, its a good topic where we people get inspiration to earn good money right from home with little effort. Excellent.

    I will start blogging right form today. Good job Nandita. But do more research on it.

  46. Arman says

    i have a doubt . i read and search ad revenue of diffrent site.
    i found site like earn revenue 2000 $usd means if you multiply by 30 day
    60000$ .
    than how can you say that this is top earner site .your first top earner revenue 10000$ usd per month.
    that how about this site tutorails indiabix same other site freejobalert n all.

    Please explain me.

    • says and are not blogs. They are websites and websites make huge money much more than blogs. Websites often inlcude a company or a group of people where as a blog is generally run by a single individual. So this is the list of blogger who made their fortune in blogging and are earning a good income. I hope you understand the difference between a website and a blog.

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