4 Blunders Every WordPress Blogger Loves to Do

WordPress Mistakes by bloggers Are you in love with WordPress? Oh, you have been dating WordPress since long back!

Everyday you take her help to publish your favorite posts in www. Isn’t she the girl behind your success story in blogosphere, as a blogger? I’m pretty sure, your answer is ‘ Yes ’, because you are in love with her.

Everyday you spend so much time to pamper her as a makeup artist( customization), help her to stand-up in the crowd( SEO ) and make her famous by shouting in social media circle (twitting, liking, pinning, stumbling ).

After so much of love, affection and respect between you and WordPress, it’s time for me to disclose the true story, the true relation between you. I am going to disclose your level of commitment towards her.

Actually, you are a “ CHEATER! ” A cheater who has committed 4 great blunders with his dear WordPress, which is unpardonable, at least I think so. I know, all these 4 blunders you have done unknowingly. But, in the context of law, not knowing the implication of an act is not excusable.

You should be punished for your blunders. In fact, you are being punished also, but sadly, again, you are unaware of that. You are not aware that you are being punished! What a pity!

Fact: Aren’t you punished by the search engines everyday for having a Sponsored hyperlink in your footer, for having duplicate content due to multiple tags, archives,categories and likes. { punishment – Demotion on SERPs, SE Penalties etc. }

WordPress Blunder – 1 – Footer Credit

You show your love and respect for WordPress by putting a hyperlink on the footer saying – Powered by WordPress. Do you know, how much insecure you are making your WordPress blog, by putting this simple footer credit? Tremendous, I can say!

Due to the great popularity of WordPress, hackers are more interested in hacking these blogs. Apart from this, due to the great amount of free knowledge/research about the core structure and loophole of WordPress, making it more vulnerable.

Some bored hacker kids, usually search the term ‘ Powered by WordPress ’  in Google and make their favorite hacking list, for fun! And, by putting a credit hyperlink in the footer, you are telling the hacker that “ I’m ready for hacking! ” What a joke with your lady love!!

If your love towards WordPress is true, for God’s sake remove the credit link right now!

WordPress Blunder – 2 – Sponsored Theme

Obama Staring a LadySponsored WordPress themes look great! Especially, if it is Woo themes, Elegant themes or StudioPress etc. Lots of new  as well as old-time bloggers use these sponsored WordPress themes for their daily blogging needs.

Usually, there are links like Sponsored by…., Designed by…. on the footer of your blog. Bloggers usually don’t want to remove this link credit b’cos they love the sponsors and respect the sponsors for the service they are getting, either free or paid.

Google, and, specially Matt Cutts don’t like sponsored WordPress themes. Recently, he publicly announced that blogs using these type of themes or having a sponsored hyperlink on the footer will be penalized, and will be demoted in SERPs.

Have a look, What Matt Mullenweg (Inventor of WordPress ) has to say about Sponsored themes.

Now on, say no to Sponsored themes and be loyal to WordPress.

WordPress Blunder – 3 – Duplicate Content Issue

You must have noticed, when you publish a post, along with the main category/sub-category, the tags also indexed by Google and appear on SERPs. I mean, for a single post, there are multiple copies/URLs indexed or available on SEs (Google,Yahoo or Bing). So, all the URLs are duplicate of each other, including the main category for the post.

Google hates duplicate content, more than you and me. By offering search engines to index duplicate content, you are simply allowing your WordPress blog to be penalized! Are you kidding with your love, or what?

If you really love your WordPress blog, then simply de-index/tell the SEs not to index the tags, archives etc. to avoid duplicate content issues.It’s very easy, and done by adding Disallow directive in robots.txt file (supported by Google only).

WordPress Blunder – 4 – Not Using Pagination Feature

Do you want to keep your WordPress blog secret from your loyal blog followers? Nope! You don’t want your blog readers read their favorite post so easily.

If you really care about your readers, why the he** you show a ‘ Previous Post ’ and ‘ Next Post ’ below the Home page/category/archive/single post etc. If a reader want to read her favorite post which was posted 7 days back (49th article since the last), what will she do? She has to simply click the ‘ Previous Post ’ button for N number of times, to read the article. But she will not do that, because there are N number of better blogs than you under the sun, who offer her a better pagination/navigation.

Hey buddy, don’t feel so guilty. Have you seen Matt Mullenweg and Matt Cutt’s Blogs? They are also using Older Posts/Newer Posts/Previous Entries/Next Entries very blissfully.

There are plenty of free Plugins available to add better Pagination on your WordPress Blog. I am using WP-PageNavi Plugin on this blog.

If you really love WordPress, correct the above 4 blunders and be loyal.

If you think, you are a TRUE WordPress Lover, simply spread the message to our other friends, by Liking the Facebook Icon on your left. Let’s make a better WordPress Culture.


    • says

      Hi Harsha,

      You are never late, simply rectify the 3 points you have mentioned, and you are done!

      ## Regarding ‘ Sponsored Theme ‘ – Remove the link Sponsored/Designed by on the footer, to avoid any penalty by Google Penguin (for Bad Links).

  1. says

    As soon as I read your article, I quickly removed Powered by WordPress link from my blog footer. Thanks Nandita for this great tip.

  2. says

    I didn’t know how big of a mistake using ‘Powered by WordPress’ was! I am pretty aware that WordPress do have a lot of loopholes and some bugs, but I was really unaware.

    If this were my wife she would have annulled our marriage. Sorry WordPress.

  3. says

    I did not get the 3rd point, you are saying that we should not keep the same post in two different categories and also. I have a category Internet which is the parent category of webmasters so should i put a post in both of them.

  4. barni says

    @ sonic speed, I removed the footer links but, skeptical about the premium sponsor link if removing it will activate the theme to break. Any help?

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