Make a Custom Login Panel for Your WordPress Blog

Custom WordPress Login PageHave you customized the login panel of your WordPress blog?

Everyday you access the admin panel of your WordPress blog via the default login screen.

And, if you have a multi-author blog or you simply allow your visitors to register themselves on your WordPress blog, then the default login panel is the only way to perform the task.

If you want to give your WordPress blog a premium look or a professional touch, then you should make a custom login panel.

You can make a custom login panel by 2 methods – Simple hack of WP files or Using a PLUGIN.

You should go for the plugin instead of the hack. By using a plugin your changes will stay every time you upgrade your WordPress version or theme version.

How to do:

1. Install the plugin called BM Custom Login via your Admin Panel. Then activate it.

2. Click  Custom Login under Settings Tab.

3. Upload your login page background image. Image size should be 312 px x 600 px for better fitting.

4. You can change the background color of the entire page by putting a 6 digit hex color code (example #212121) in the login screen setting.

5. You can also set a page background image, text color, text shadow color, text link color, Custom login powered by and WordPress footer text etc.

WordPress Custom LogIn Page Showcase

Showcasing of Custom Login Page WordPress

Aren’t the above login panels looking premium and professional?

Now it’s your turn to customize your WordPress login page. If you face any problem, I am right here to answer in the comment section.


  1. says

    Its very easy.
    But for small work we should not depend on plugins. I know simple code of few lines which can add your own logo instead of WP Default logo in Wp-login.php page!

    BTW Great article :)

  2. says

    Hi Ammar,

    There are lots of newbie bloggers who are not comfortable with even few lines of simple coding. And, they always prefer a plugin instead of a hack. It’s OK.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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